Why raddle?

Raddle is the only reddit alternative that has all of this:

  • Free and open source code

  • An onion service for full privacy and anonymity

  • No email address required to make an account

  • Lightweight and minimalistic, miniscule energy footprint

  • Zero ads, so no catering to advertisers

  • Zero tracking or analytics. We don't even track hits

  • Zero monetization (Server costs are covered completely with donations)

  • Fully functional without javascript for your security

  • Automatic wiping of IP addresses from the server

  • Full moderator ​transparency (public logs)

  • Anti-bigotry safeguards in the terms of service

  • No mobile app, so no caving to Google/Apple's demands

  • Full control over your own account and content and where it appears so you can permanently delete your data at will. Your data will never be pushed to other servers beyond your control as it is on 'federated' social media platforms

  • Managed communally by its own users on a volunteer-basis

  • Admins not based in the USA and so not subject to secret court orders. Site is fully hosted in the EU

  • All the admins are dedicated to egalitarian ideals, privacy and transparency

  • Unlike other platforms, raddle has no built-in hierarchy on the mod teams. Every mod is equal

  • No 'karma' system, so users aren't ranked hierarchically

  • The default sorting algorithm rewards healthy discussions rather than upvotes, but users can decide for themselves how their front page will be sorted in their individual user-settings

  • Freedom of association: You can block users and forums you don't want to interact with and disable private messages if you wish to

  • Fully customizable experience: Themes, day/night modes, user bios, sorting, etc.

  • Ability to browse by comments to find a current conversation to participate in

  • Wikis packed with useful info contributed by users

  • Snappy and even more lightweight mobile UI

  • Bring your own snacks

Raddle is an independent, free (as in beer), open source, not-for-profit platform managed by volunteers with shared egalitarian principles.

Unlike similar sites, raddle isn't poorly coded, sluggish, tracking-happy, resource-intensive and filled with memory leaks. It makes sense for us to opt for security, stability and reliability over flash and spectacle since we're not concerned with profit or mass-market appeal.

The PHP language behind the site also means raddle is 100% usable without Javascript (and with Tor at high security settings on raddle's onion), which can't be said about any social media platform, including reddit. Javascript is a vulnerability that greatly heightens the potential for attack vectors.

Raddle users prioritize minimalism, small energy footprints, privacy, security and control over our own data over flashy, sluggish, tracking-happy features that compromise our security, autonomy and the responsiveness and usability of the site.