What is wrong with reddit?

Hate-speech on reddit.com is at an all time high, with endless subs dedicated to promoting racism, misogyny and homophobia. An endless array of popular subreddits are filled with white supremacists 'joking' about murdering anyone who isn't a heterosexual white male. These 'alt right' trolls especially take pleasure in doxing activists.

The admins of reddit are so morally bankrupt that they saw fit to send a gold-plated award to an infamous pedophile and neo-nazi after he created pedo-hive r/jailbait.

Then reddit.com's warrant canary was killed, exposing our personal data to snooping government agencies.

In the months leading up to the US election, r/The_Donald completely took over the site as the real estate mogul's primary campaign platform and likely propelled Donald Trump into the white house. Hateful conspiracy theories were spread on reddit, leading to real world consequences.

While this was happening, reddit.com admins began shutting down leftist subs and banning leftist users and mods for no clear reason.

The admins then started banning entire leftist domains from being linked to their site, while the founder of reddit declared: "The last thing we're going to do is take (white nationalists) voices away".

Reddit followed this up by announcing they were no longer open source, and effectively screwed all the volunteers that had donated their time and labor in improving the Reddit corporation's codebase. Reddit's management then lobbied threats at a sub dedicated to exposing bad marketer practices; for making anti-advertising memes.

Things have only gotten worse since then, with the white nationalists behind r/the_donald using reddit to organize racist marches, including the one that resulted in the far-right terrorist attack that killed Heather Heyer and sent 19 more anti-fascists to the hospital.

Reddit is a privacy nightmare, a hotbed for fascist organizing and real world violence, and a clear and present danger to anyone that would oppose the neoliberal status quo. By using it, you further its climb to the top of the world's most visited websites lists and thus give the hatemongers it shelters yet more exposure.


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Reddit threads of note:

"Why concentration camps work"

"What happened today with the dead antifa was ethical." (celebrating the murder of Heather Heyer by a fascist)

"Nazis and libertarians should unite"

"Bomb CNN's offices"

"Anyone have a list of [leftists]? Would love to send them some "cool info"..."

"Would it violate any law to set up a website where people can submit the details (names, license numbers, workplace, addresses) of Bernie supporters and communists they meet IRL into a database?"

"(Hitler) just wanted what was best for his country and people"

"ITT: We laugh at dead antifa killed by ISIS"