What is wrong with reddit?



This page frequently quotes reddit posts, so it is filled with slurs, calls to murder minorities, rape advocacy, and other disturbing hatemongering.

Hate-speech on reddit.com has always been deeply embedded in the culture, with endless content dedicated to promoting racism, misogyny, transphobia, far-right terrorism and homophobia. An endless array of popular subreddits are filled with white supremacists 'joking' about murdering anyone who isn't a heterosexual white male. These 'alt right' trolls especially take pleasure in doxing anti-fascist activists.

The owners and admins of reddit have always encouraged this dangerous intolerant culture, even going as far as to send a gold-plated award to an infamous pedophile and neo-nazi after he created pedo-hive r/jailbait.

Anyone who cares about privacy and state surveillance should be concerned that reddit.com's warrant canary was quietly killed years ago, exposing every user's personal data to snooping government agencies.

Reddit's one-time interim CEO (between November 2014 and July 2015), Ellen Pao has publicly criticized the site and its founder and current CEO, Steve Huffman for amplifying racism. During her brief stint as CEO, Pao tried to take measures to curb the toxicity on the site, banning revenge porn and 5 of the countless subreddits devoted to voicing overt bigotry and organizing harassment of marginalized people. The fierce backlash and death threats lobbed at her from these hateful people led to her quick resignation.

In the months leading up to the US election, r/The_Donald completely took over the site as the crypto-fascist real estate mogul's primary campaign platform and helped propel Donald Trump into the white house.

Hateful conspiracy theories are spread on reddit by the same crowd who turned Donald Trump into a sensation, leading to real world consequences.

While Trump-mania was taking over the site, reddit's admins began shutting down leftist subs and banning leftist users and mods for no clear reason.

The admins then started banning entire leftist domains from being linked to their site, while the founder and CEO of reddit declared: "The last thing we're going to do is take (white nationalists) voices away".

Reddit followed this up by announcing they were no longer open source, and effectively screwed all the volunteers that had donated their time and labor to improving reddit's codebase. Reddit's management then lobbied threats at a subreddit dedicated to exposing bad marketer practices; for making anti-advertising memes.

Things have only gotten worse since then, with the white nationalists behind r/the_donald using reddit to organize racist marches, including the one that resulted in the far-right terrorist attack that killed Heather Heyer and sent 19 more anti-fascists to the hospital.

In 2019, US anarchist Will Van Spronsen went to the parking lot outside an ICE concentration camp in Tacoma and took action to disable the fleet of buses used to transport the imprisoned migrants to the camps, he was shot and killed by the police. He left a heartfelt 3 page letter to explain why he gave his life to take a stand against the state's terror. Reddit's admins censored it and permanently banned anarchists that linked to it. They even censored links to Van Spronsen's folk music.

Also in 2019, reddit's administration decided to target r/chapotraphouse, a subreddit for the popular leftist podcast. It started when they suspended a user for saying "slave owners deserve to die". Hundreds more users then repeated the same sentence in protest, and were also suspended. The admins deposed several moderators from the mod team as punishment, and then warned the remaining moderators to stop allowing users to say "slave owners should die" or the entire subreddit would be deleted.

In 2020, r/chapotraphouse was deleted outright even as the mods did everything that was asked of them. Reddit then started mass-banning anarchist subreddits, while offering no explanation. For example r/AnarchaWitchery, r/GenZAnarchism, r/AnarchistGenerationZ, r/actualgenzanarchist and r/youthfulanarchism were all banned in the same week. Reddit admins ignored all attempts at communication.

Anti-fascist content is banned by reddit admins for "glorifying violence against (nazis)", while fascists using reddit to call for the genocide of minorities are left to their own devices.

After white supremacist Brenton Tarrant livestreamed himself murdering 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, reddit celebrated. A mural depicting the terrorist as a hero, "Saint Tarrant" made the rounds in all the usual fascist subreddits. Here are some examples of redditor's defending the terrorist after the attack, encouraging further attacks, and even blaming the slain victims of his killing spree for being murdered:

"The terrorist attacks are not the main problem, it's the social destruction that these immigrants bring over long periods of time. Crime, rape, sabotage, these are the things that hurts us the most." "Them just being here weakens the West and degrades it into a third world due to the crime, attacks, and degenerate pedophile culture they bring."

"They murder our people and nothing changes. They rape our people and nothing changes. Simple physics at play now." [...] "Bullet go forward, muzzie falls down"

"Muslims follow Muhamad, a literal mass murderer, a rapist, and a pedophile. They ALL follow this psycho. They are the sole force behind nearly every terrorist attack in the modern era. Our [[[governments]]] keep welcoming these subhumans in, so the native people must take drastic measures." [...] "He was simply pushed over the edge."

Yeah just keep your mouth shut while Muslims get to run around on the streets with signs that say "Behead all Whites" and "Rape White Children". But when some Muslims get what they deserve and do 100000x more often to Westerners, we should have to be censored and have our free speech taken away to protect them. This shit is turbocuck garbage. Fuck Muslims, they got what they deserved ONCE and we're supposed to be sad about these child rapists? Fuck that bullshit.

"Just go for the journalists and politicians next ¯_(ツ)_/¯" [...] "Honestly, that's the ticket. Of course, I would never ever condone any such thing, but in a strictly "hypothetical" scenario, I feel those would be much more deserving and worthwhile targets. Speaking hypothetically of course."

"Yeah, we want them gone, so fuck them. They're primitive ages who need to go back to their caves and sand dunes, as tucker Carlson would say."

"(If) terrorism is not the solution, then what is the solution? Tell me. Give me a description of such a non-violent solution of Muslim question that doesn't lead to the extinction of white people and downfall of Western civilization. Convince me there is a different way."

Reddit is run by a far-right survivalist who thinks white supremacists should be coddled and fascist paedophiles should be rewarded with gold trophies. He has repeatedly stated that racism is not against his site's rules and has only acted to curb white supremacist calls to violence after negative media exposure forced his hand.

Reddit is a privacy nightmare. Reddit is a hotbed for fascist organizing and real world violence towards minorities. Reddit is a clear and present danger to anyone that would dare take a stand against fascism or any form of oppression.

By using reddit, by creating content for its owners and advertisers to profit from, you further its climb to the top of the world's most visited websites lists and thus give the hatemongers it shelters and profits from yet more exposure.

Stop feeding the reddit hate machine.

A few more random examples of the countless instances of open fascism on reddit:

"Why concentration camps work"

"What happened today with the dead antifa was ethical." (celebrating the murder of Heather Heyer by a fascist)

"Nazis and libertarians should unite"

"Bomb CNN's offices"

"jews are the weakest, most cowardly, most genetically diseased species of hominid. [...] There was no holocaust, but if there had been one, it would not have been a crime. There are no drawbacks to antisemitism, only advantages."

"this country will act as 84 nations have acted 109 times throughout modern history and remove the jew parasite from its environs. [...] the jew is a creature. [...] fuck them, they arent human, and only chosen to be hated by the rest of humanity and occasionally slaughtered into gassy soapy ashes."

"Anyone have a list of [leftists]? Would love to send them some "cool info"..."

"Would it violate any law to set up a website where people can submit the details (names, license numbers, workplace, addresses) of Bernie supporters and communists they meet IRL into a database?"

"(Hitler) just wanted what was best for his country and people"

"goodbye, jew. [...] YOUR SEAT IN THE NEXT OVEN OR GAS CHAMBER AWAITS YOU. " Mod: Jew shills aren't worth getting that hot in the oven for.

"ITT: We laugh at dead antifa killed by ISIS"

"Meme: I wish Hitler was still alive. He always knew how to cheer me up" Reply: "Yeah when you realize Hitler was actually the good guy in ww2, a lot changes. Crazy I know but if the allied soldiers could see what their nations look like today, they wouldn’t have gone 10 yards up that beach on D-Day."

"Fa■■ots need to get the fuck back in the closet. Otherwise they're goin in the oven."

"Muslims aren't human just as commies aren't human."

The_Donald on raping an actress they don't like.

Subreddit hosts a Q&A with a nazi politician who promises "My goal is the liberation of the United States from jew enslavement, such that we can wield the US's as a soft and hard power fulcrum from which to force the jews from power in all other countries of the world, so that all peoples can be free of jewish tyranny. Not only will I do my part to remove the jews from power here, but together, we will rekindle the flame of eternal liberty for those peoples willing to accept the Laws of Nature as inexorable."

"Animals aren't half as psychopathic as ni■■ers" [...] "Ni■■ers are truly the dregs out of all the hominid species." [...] "Their entire existence is a testament to how kind hearted our ancestors were for not completely annihilating the negro race from the planet" [...] "Imagine a world without ni■■ers."

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