Consider the Following Before Posting Hauls:

We gladly accept photos of all kinds of hauls and lifts at f/Shoplifting, and while the occurrence of employees of a store you lifted at finding your post and noticing those are the exact items missing is very unlikely, there are still some justice warriors, law enforcement and even the employees of the exact store out there who can find your exact location and information via your haul photos by means of EXIF data. We will accept haul posts whether or not you remove this, but we strongly advise you remove this data before you post for your own safety, security and freedom. If you do not remove this data, we moderators will suggest you remove it next time you post.

What is EXIF data? EXIF data is hidden information in your photo that can include your camera model, the date and time the photo was taken, and even your exact GPS coordinates of where the photo was took. Before posting a haul or large lift, consider the following:

Method 1: Stripping the Data

On Windows, click on your image and select "Properties". From there, go "Details". This is where EXIF data is located. On the bottom of the prompt click on "Remove Properties and Personal Information". Click on "Remove the Following Properties from this File" (because the "Create a copy" doesn't strip the details you want removed). Remove whatever you feel is necessary, such as your camera model, date and time but be sure to check off all GPS coordinates. Just like that, any information that can be linked back to you via your photo is now gone.

On Linux, there is a program called exiftool that can scrub EXIF data from images. To install it on Ubuntu or Debian, run sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl. Then, to scrub an image of all EXIF data, run exiftool -all= image.jpg (replace image.jpg with the filename of the image you want to scrub). Then upload the scrubbed picture.

Method 2: Don't Shit Where You Eat

If you find yourself too lazy to do that simple task, or don't own a Windows or Linux computer, take a picture of the item away from your home. It is also a good idea to take the picture away from the store. Lay it all out in your car at least a block away from your home, or lay it all out elsewhere. This way, if someone tries to source your location, it won't be at your house or the store you lifted at, thus avoiding jail time. I would still prefer doing Method 1, for a bit more security.

Why can't I take it near the store? You can, if you wanna be stupid and risky. Employees may see and apprehend you, or the location of the store can be seen, and given to law enforcement or employees, who may review the cameras and/or investigate further.

Misc. Tip: Remove all serial numbers

It may be a bright idea to remove or cover any serial numbers you find on any expensive items, as it is possible for people to source the location of the store you lifted at based on these. They are very common on electronics, and they are usually found the box or the actual electronic itself.

Note: Using this method isn't necessary for small lifts that aren't necessarily "hauls", but still can be done if you want some more security.