This wiki is meant to be a regularly updated list of podcasts recommended by the Raddle community. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far! You can suggest things directly on f/Podcasts, or just update the page yourself (Ideally additions only - don't take off stuff other people have put in). There is a wide range here so you probably won't love it all. Your comments are welcomed!

Also, having a 2-9 word description following each would be ideal, so if you want to fill them in for those that are empty, that would be great!

  1. Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network

  2. A-Radio Network

  3. Other

Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network

Main page

The Ex-Worker and The Hotwire - Periodical Anarchist Analysis and Weekly Anarchist News Podcasts

The Final Straw Radio - Weekly Anarchist Podcast

Rustbelt Abolition Radio
Which Side Podcast - Vegan Anarchist Social Justice


Sub.Media Podcasts - A handful of anarchist podcasts

Autonomous Action Radio

Dissident Island Radio - 1st and 3rd Friday each month from the London Action Resource Centre

IGD Cast

A-Radio Network

Main page

B(A)D NEWS - Angry voices from around the world, short new segments

Črna luknja, Radio Študent, every second Thursday from 12pm to 13pm Ljubljana, Slovenia

Radio Libertaire - created in 1981 by the french speaking Anarchist Federation. It counts 80 programs made by 200 people, individuals, collectives, unions, associations with different contents : international struggles, workers´s struggles, prisoners´s interventions, feminism, antimilitarism, esperanto, music, etc.

Anarchist Radio Berlin

Radio Psalidi - self-organised social movement internet radio station, Rethymno, Crete

Radio Parasita - Volos, Greece

Frequenz A - Northern Germany

Radiozones of Subversive Expression - Athens

Radio Kurruf - Chile

Dissident Island Radio - London

The Final Straw Radio

Anarchistisches Radio Wien - Vienna

Rosas Negras - San Salvador

Radio Fragmata - Athens

Radio 1431 AM - Thessaloniki

Radio Revolt - Thessaloniki


Immediatism - Essays provocative & incendiary (e.g. insurrectionary, nihilist and green)

Politically Re-Active Podcast

Champagne Sharks

Redneck Revolt Podcast

Street Fight Radio - Anarcho-Comedy Radio (Columbus, Ohio)

Kite Line Radio - Amplifying the voices in the Indiana Prison System

Anarchy Radio - John Zerzan's long-running, weekly anarcho-primitivist show

Rebel Beat Radio

New Abolitionists Radio

From Below Podcast

Marx's Textbook

Future Primitive

A New and Ancient Story

The New Lifeboat Hour



Novara Media's Podcast

Media Indigena

Citations Needed - Media criticism\

CounterPunch Radio


The Electric Intifada Podcast

Friendly Anarchism - Quaker Anarchism

The Green Book

Left Jest

Media Roots

Moderate Rebels

Project Censored

Public Intellectual

Revolutionary Left Radio

This Is Hell!

Zero Squared

The Brilliant

The Anews Podcast

The Anarchists

The Anti - Anarchist radio from Milwaukee, Wisconsin covering many topics

The Antifada - Ultra-left podcast, associated with DSA

AirGo - Strong, young, often radical voices doing interesting things in Chicago

Who Makes Cents - A monthly podcast about the history of capitalism

Black and Green Review - Anti-civilization podcast

srsly wrong - A utopian leftist comedy podcast
Ashes Ashes - podcast about issues facing the collapse of society, the ecosystem, and the planet


Resonance Anarchist Audio Distro


Democracy Now! - weekday news show, liberal-left activist orientation (insufferable during campaign season)

Chapo Trap House - irreverent social democrat commentary

The Dig - interviews with Daniel Denvir, from Jacobin


Radio EcoShock - weekly climate news & science

The Permaculture Podcast - sustainable design. Especially check out any episode to do with 'social permaculture'


Revolutions - so far has covered: English Civil War, American, Haitian and South American wars of independence; and now the Revolutions of 1848

The Dollop

Non-Political Comedy:

Uhh Yeah Dude

Hollywood Handbook

Your Kickstarter Sucks - An amusing look at the absurdity of late-stage capitalism pseudo-entrepreneurship

Also there's some decent programming on local community radio stations, some of which are available as podcasts:

KBOO Portland

KPFA Berkeley

WBAI New York

3CR Melbourne

Radical Music:

Radio Guerilla

Pan African Space Station

Burning Cop Car

Spiritual / Religion:

Jesus in Books