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  1. Torrents / P2P Sites

  2. Private Torrent Trackers

  3. Desktop Apps

  4. Android Apps

  5. DDL Sites (Direct Downloads)

  6. Sheet music

Torrents / P2P Sites

  • Rutracker [.org, .net, .nl] - General Russian public tracker with an extensive music catalog (any format). Currently the best public source of music
  • Nyaa - Anime OSTs

Private Torrent Trackers

  • [Semi-Private] Metal-Tracker - A very nice tracker for metal music.
  • JPopsuki - Aka JPS. Music tracker for various types of music such as Japenese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, etc
  • AnimeBytes - Aka AB. Anime OSTs
  • Redacted - Aka RED. FLAC, mp3, m4a. Best music private tracker. One of the harder trackers to maintain ratio on.
  • Orpheus - Aka OPS. FLAC, mp3, m4a. Second best music private tracker, after RED. Much easier ratio economy compared to RED. In addition, there is a thread where you can request any torrent available on RED, without putting a request. This provides full access to RED without the hard economy. It is highly beneficial to have accounts on both trackers.

Desktop Apps

  • Soulseek - Desktop app that connects you to a P2P network used for downloading music (any format). Unlike bittorrent, the protocol used here is direct P2P i.e. downloading and uploading is not done with multiple users simultaneously but with a single user (like downloading a file from a website). This provides more security than public trackers as there is no swarm for copyright trolls to stay in and monitor. Though there is no quality control here, the chances of encountering low quality files is still quite low. For people wanting to share their libraries, soulseek is the easiest and fastest way.
    • Nicotine+ - Another graphical client for soulseek that is more updated, has more features, support for linux and is written in GTK and python.
  • yt-dlp - yt-dlp is a youtube-dl fork based on the now inactive youtube-dlc. The main focus of this project is adding new features and patches while also keeping up to date with the original project It's advisable to use this as a last resort. The quality from youtube is bad and there is no metadata.
  • deemix and d-fi - Deezer downloaders. Deemix can convert Spotify playlists into Deezer playlists to download. d-fi on top of being able to download directly from Deezer, it can also accept Spotify or Tidal song links to download them from Deezer. They can download up to 128 kb/s quality with a free acount.
    For higher quality downloads, a paid Deezer account is required.
  • SCDL - SoundCloud Music downloader, can set id3tags to downloaded music too.
  • spotDL - Download your Spotify playlists and songs along with album art and metadata fetched from YouTube.
    This tool does not download songs directly from Spotify.

Android Apps

DDL Sites (Direct Downloads)

  • Slav Art Allows downloading tracks from Qobuz.
    • Divolt server - Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, and SoundCloud Download Bot. There you can get direct download link by pasting the url for the supported streaming sites in the appropriate channel. Bot responds fast and download is fast.
      Info regarding Divolt and how it compares to Revolt.
  • /r/MusicalBootlegs - Broadway bootlegs
  • LeakedAlbums - New music albums
  • Free MP3 Download - High quality music downloads (mp3/FLAC). Uses only unintrusive banner ads.
  • MP3 Juice - Searches for audio on several sources, such as youtube and soundcloud. Allows downloading in mp3 and streaming.
  • SoftArchive - SoftArchive's Music Section, has many different Albums you might not find elsewhere.
  • khinsider - Mp3 streams & downloads. Video game scores/soundtracks.
  • SquidBoard forum - Video game, anime, and TV & Cinema scores/soundtracks.
  • Hikarinoakariost - Has FLAC and MP3 downloads of Anisons and other Asian Music as well.
  • Sukidesuost - Has FLAC and MP3 downloads of Anisons and other Asian Music as well.
  • Unreleased Disco - Huge archive of Unreleased Hip-Hop/Pop Songs from various Artists. They also have a Weekly folder found here.
    Their Links may often be down, for more info and for new big releases, check their Subreddit.
  • r/xTrill - A Subreddit for requesting and sharing Music.
  • r/MusicHoarder - A SubReddit for general Music enthusiasts, they allow requesting and sharing Music. Check their Wiki for some useful information.
  • r/FreeDeezerARL - They share Deezer ARLs (used for ripping music with Ripping Tools) they also have a Discord Server. Used to be dead until the owner decided to return.

Sheet music

  • musescore-downloader - Download sheet music (MSCZ, PDF, MusicXML, MIDI, MP3, download individual parts as PDF) from for free, no login or Musescore Pro required