Mediation Between Users

Disputes between users are settled in f/mediation. Users can refer people to that forum when they see they're in conflict.

Requests for mediation between users can be made by anyone in f/mediation. Put their usernames in the thread title and/or send them a message so they see it. If you wish to remain anonymous, pm one of the f/mediation mods and ask them to intervene for you.

f/meta ban proposals that don't involve clear ToS violations will be deleted or locked by admins and the users will be referred to f/mediation instead.

Feel free to shout as loud as you want at each other in f/mediation. It's a venue where you can voice your anger at other users, while also providing a space for healing and reconciliation.

Global ban proposals should only be made in f/mediation if all attempts at mediation fail and the users involved are damaging the community with their toxic bickering.