Legal Requests

Submit all legal take-down requests to /u/ziq. Private messages through Raddle are preferable, otherwise use the following email address:

ziq-raddle (at) protonmail (.com)

Raddle is hosted in the Netherlands and is not held or administered by a US citizen; so please address your legal requests accordingly. United States of America law does not apply. Companies sending false take-down requests for non-infringing content will be reported to the relevant authorities for abuse of the system.

Note that Raddle is not held by a company, and does not have any advertisements or attempt to profit in any way.

All content is submitted by anonymous users.

Legitimate users are not tracked and their IP addresses are not stored.

The only user-data the site admins have available to them is what you can already see on the public site; usernames, submissions and comments. Any legal requests should take this into account.

We have no private user data to hand over.

The only IP addresses that are logged are for brand-new accounts. As soon as it is determined that the new account is not a spam-bot, they are marked as an approved submitter and their IP address is purged from the server and never logged again.