Unsatisfied with the few link sharing communities that were available and their proprietary, untransparent and non-secure nature, ziq made the original raddle.me (then known as raddit.me) with Wordpress, but it had a lot of limitations.

The plan from the start was to replace the clunky Wordpress site with a site built from scratch. We were incredibly fortunate that emma volunteered to single-handedly make this a reality.

About 6 months later, we relaunched as this fully featured FOSS link sharing site without any of reddit, voat or imzy's bloat, and with a mission statement to give the people control over their own community, with full transparency and accountability between mods, admins and users.

Raddle will always have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fascist ideas and bigotry, and this is one of the things that sets us apart from other online communities.

This site was made by the people for the people, and actualizing the community's ideas to construct the best possible meeting place is our entire motivation.

We run raddle according to the principles of mutual aid, direct democracy, freedom of association (you can easily block users you don't want to be around), direct action (e.g. we require that mods remove racism from their subs, and admins ban fascists site-wide), user privacy / security, moderator transparency, and free and open source software.

We have no ads, no tracking, no user profiling and we don't collect or share any user data with anyone (IP addresses of new accounts are only stored for 24 hours before being wiped by the system). We maintain a monthly warrant canary for peace of mind. All we ask of you is that you be respectful of your fellow raddlers.

The site is developed and managed entirely by its own community.