Voting Procedures

Since the beginning, /f/freeasinfreedom has been dedicated to the democratic process and keeping power in the hands of the community. The theme of the subreddit was chosen, /u/sudo was elected, and the rules of the forum were voted on.

The original rules voting thread was here.

If at any point a new rule needs to be decided, one of the moderators will sticky a post about it with the voting procedures specific to that event.

If a new policy or program should be implemented, a post can be made by a legitimate member of the community (someone who has been actively contributing to the forum for at least a month) detailing the policy. This restriction is put in place to prevent spammers or other people from creating a bunch of accounts to push a decision through. Any post that violates the Raddle ToS or attempts to detract from the purpose of the forum (free and open source hardware and software, security, and privacy) will be denied immediately.

  • If the post gets general support, and is not controversial, it will be implemented when its possible.
  • If a suggestion is more controversial, it will be put to a proper vote by a moderator.