Free Open Source Games

Games on this list were included based on recommendations, if you'd like to a game added to this list, please post it on the sticky of /f/Games. For a more comprehensive list, please see this Wikipedia page.


  • Ardentryst - Action/RPG sidescroller.
  • Beneath a Steel Sky - Classic adventure game with excellent artwork and voice talent. Should be available in the Ubuntu repos
  • Egoboo - Action-adventure rogue-lite game
  • Eldevin - F2P Runescape clone with a distinct charm
  • Epic Inventor - Side-scrolling, Action RPG inspired by Terraria.
  • Flare - A surprisingly in-depth and polished isometric RPG
  • FreedroidRPG - Diablo-style ARPG.
  • Lugaru - Turner, is an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. In his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village.
  • Myst Online: Uru Live - MMO adventure game in where players interact with others to solve puzzles and advance the story.
  • ScummVM's Freeware Games - Some fantastic point'n'click games here, my favourite probably being Dreamweb
  • Solarus Games - Solarus is a game engine for making Zelda-like games, but there are many completed games available on their website, and also community made games
  • Summoning Wars - Action roleplaying game for singleplayer or up to 8 players in multiplayer.



  • Hummingbird - Infinite procedural musical exploration game.
  • Passage - A simple experimental side scroller game intended as an abstract metaphor for the human condition.



City Builder/Tycoon

  • OpenTTD (GNU/Linux, Windows & Mac) - a transport simulation game based upon the popular game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, written by Chris Sawyer.
  • OpenRCT2 (GNU/Linux, Windows & Mac) - An open source reverse engineering of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Requires assets from the original game, acquirable here


  • OpenOMF - Remake of One Must Fall 2097.



  • Alien Arena - Retro Sci-Fi Online FPS
  • Army Men III
  • AssaultCube Reloaded
  • Cube 2 - Quake-like Arena online FPS with multiple game modes
  • ET Legacy - Wolfenstein: Enemey Territory for modern systems
  • Digital Paint: Paintball 2 and Digital Paint: Paintball 3 - Fast-paced first-person shooters.
  • FreeCS - Reimplementation of Counter-Strike 1.5.
  • Freedoom - The Freedoom project aims to create a complete free content game based on the Doom engine.
  • Nexuiz - Multiplayer first-person shooter.
  • OpenArena - Online arena FPS using the id tech engine
  • OpenSpades - Clone of Ace of Spades 0.75, featuring fully destructible terrain and plenty of game modes (including the well-known Capture the Flag).
  • Quetoo - Multiplayer first person shooter based on id Tech2.
  • Red Eclipse (GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows & Mac) - a free online arena shooter with parkour.
  • Termulous - Asymmetric team-based RTS/FPS Hybrid with aliens! (Source code)
  • Übergame - Realism like, multi-purpose, multiplayer, casual, first-person-shooter game.
  • Unvanquished - First-person strategy shooter, pitting technologically advanced human soldiers against hordes of highly adaptable aliens.
  • Urban Terror - Fast paced online FPS reminiscent of Counter-Strike
  • Warsow (GNU/Linux, Windows & Mac) - a fast-paced FPS in a futuristic cartoonish world.
  • Xonotic (GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows & Mac) - a free online shooter, based on Quake.

Infinite runner

Metroidvania games

  • Birdsong - Game about a bird that is about to leave the nest.
  • Meteorite - Lowres FPS, inspired by Metroid Prime.
  • The Diasporic Crypt - Libre game inspired by Castlevania, where you play a vampire who moves around in a portable teleporting catacombs underground.



  • Auto Rhythm - Rhythm game with auto generated note maps.
  • Frets on Fire X - Highly customizable rhythm game supporting many modes of guitar, bass, drum, and vocal gameplay for up to four players.
  • osu! (Source code) and McOsu - Based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial rhythm games.
  • Performous - Karaoke, band games and dancing in the same package.
  • StepMania - Advanced cross-platform rhythm game.
  • Turnt Ninja - Fast-paced rhythm game that uses your own music.
  • UltraStar Deluxe - Clone of SingStar.

Physics based

  • CaveExpress - 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay.
  • Golems - 3D physics simulator.
  • Gravity Box - Puzzle platformer where you have to use bullet's blast to push towards the finish points.
  • Neverball - Puzzle game inspired by Super Monkey Ball.
  • Nikki and the Robots - Physics platformer.
  • OpenGOO - Clone of the physics based puzzle / construction game "World of Goo".
  • Rigs of Rods - Vehicle simulator based on soft-body physics.
  • Safety Blanket - Creepy blanket simulator.
  • The Powder Toy - Physics sandbox game, which simulates air pressure and velocity, heat, gravity and a countless number of interactions between different substances.
  • XMoto - 2D motocross platform game.



Roguelikes / Roguelites


  • Andor's Trail - Single-player quest-driven fantasy RPG.
  • Angband (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac & Android) - a single-player dungeon exploration game in the universe of JRR Tolkien.
  • Cataclysm DDA - Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world
  • Crossfire - Cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game.
  • Erebus - Classic point-n-click style RPG.
  • GearHead - Mecha roguelike.
  • Red Rogue - Sidescrolling platformer-roguelite with optional realtime movement.
  • Shattered Pixel Dungeon (Android) - a traditional roguelike game with pixel-art graphics and simple interface.
  • Star Ruler 2 - Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate your way to become the ruler of the Galaxy.
  • Tuxemon - Clone of Pokémon.



  • Robocode - Programming game, where the goal is to develop a robot battle tank to battle against other tanks in Java or .NET.


Puzzle-platformer games


Sealth games

  • Art Treachery - Stealthy art heist game.
  • The Dark Mod - Fan-made spin-off the the fantastic Thief series (Not suitable for low-end systems)

Shoot 'em up

  • Bloodworks - Top-down survival action game where you fight against an endless waves of monsters.
  • C-Dogs SDL - Clone of the shoot 'em up C-Dogs.
  • Chromium B.S.U. - Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter.
  • Dave Gnukem - Retro-style 2D scrolling platform shooter, inspired by and similar to Duke Nukem 1.
  • Friking Shark - Remake of the shoot 'em up game Flying Shark.
  • Gang Garrison 2 - Multiplayer 'demake' of Team Fortress 2.
  • Galaxy Forces V2 - 2D multiplayer space shooter, inspired by the Amiga classic Gravity Force.
  • heXon - Twin-stick-shooter for up to four players
  • Lisparuga - 2D shoot-em-up game inspired by Ikaruga. (GNU/Linux systems only)
  • M.A.R.S. - 2D space shooter.
  • Maelstrom - Clone of Asteroids
  • NightHawk - Clone of Paradroid.
  • Relic Hunters Zero - Online cooperative shooter/RPG. Source code
  • Torrega Race - Simple space game inspired by Omega Race.
  • Violetland - Cross-platform game similar to Crimsonland.
  • Watch out for Snakes - Short low poly top down retro arcade shooter.
  • Witch Blast - Roguelite dungeon crawl shooter heavily inspired from Binding Of Isaac.

Social simulation

  • Cart Life - Simulation game in which the player controls one of three street vendors, and attempts to run their shop whilst looking after their health, interests, and families. Source code
  • Coming Out Simulator 2014 - Interactive game intended to help LGBT youth to understand their sexuality.
  • Our Personal Space - Marriage survival sim set on a space colony in the near future.
  • Two Interviewees - Short visual novel about the gender gap.

Space Combat/Sim

  • Antares - Tactical space-combat game, combining elements of both arcade shooters and real-time strategy games.
  • Bridge Command - An interactive ship simulator.
  • EmptyEpsilon - A spaceship bridge simulator game
  • Endless Sky - 2D space trading and combat game similar to the classic Escape Velocity series
  • Naev - open-source game about space exploration, trade and combat
  • Oolite - Well done Elite remake, with plentiful mod support.
  • Pioneer - a remake of the sequel to Elite, Frontier.
  • The Pandoran War - 2D mission-based space shooter.
  • Ur-Quan Masters - Updated version of Star Control II. Be sure to download the Voice Pack! (Alternative HD version available here)
  • Vega Strike - Open Source 3D Action-Space-Sim

Sport game

  • Bygfoot - Football/soccer management game.
  • Classic 8-Ball Pool - Pool game written in JS and HTML5.
  • FooBillard - OpenGL-based billiards simulation game.
  • Goal Rush - Fast paced arcade game where two-robots team will face each other to score the maximum of goals during short matchs.
  • YSoccer - Retro style, multi-platform soccer game.


Vehicular combat

Walking simulator