Frequently Asked Questions

We'll keep updating this as more questions are asked.

Is Raddle free and open source?

Completely! Raddle belongs to the people.

How do I make a new forum?

You need to be whitelisted first. You can request to be whitelisted in f/meta once you have a few comments or posts so we can see you're not a spambot.

Is there a Tor hidden service available?



Why do I get a message saying I'm banned when I use Tor?

If you're using Tor-Browser, be sure to use the .onion address linked above as we often IP-ban clearnet Tor IP addresses when they're used by spammers. If you're using one of the banned addresses, you'll get a ban notice until you change to a non-banned IP. You should use the Tor hidden service for added security anyway.

Where is the site hosted?

On a VPS in Amsterdam.

Where are the admins based?

West Asia, Scandinavia, the Caribbean and somewhere in Africa.

How seriously does take user privacy?

You don't have to provide an email when you sign up. There are no ads, tracking or monetization. If you don't provide an email, the only identifying data we store is the IP addresses of new accounts, and only for 24 hours.

Since none of the 3 admins is based in the US, UK, or another of the Five Eyes surveillance states, we couldn't care less about the oppressive laws citizens of these states have to follow. They can't force us to retain your data or issue us with court orders to reveal anything to them, as they have no jurisdiction over us. For this reason, we will never allow anyone from a Five Eyes surveillance state onto the admin team.

See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for full information regarding our promises to you, and what we expect from users. You'll be hard pressed to find a more pro-user ToS/PP.

Is there a warrant canary available?

Yes. It's posted in the Wiki the first week of every month for your peace of mind.

Where can I report bugs or offer ideas for new features?

Go to f/meta. If it's a viable idea that has popular support, a volunteer could integrate it into the site's code. This is truly a community-built site, so it's all down to the volunteers.

Can I contribute to the code?

We'd love your help! Go here:

Can I help translate the site into my language?

Yes! Read this guide:


Is there a mobile app for the site?

No, because we would never be allowed into Google or Apple's app stores without drastically changing what the site is to meet their terms of service.

If someone wants to volunteer to make a mobile app that can be installed by bypassing the official app stores, that would be welcome.

Any .apk files you see floating around the internet have ads injected into them and should be avoided.

How are moderators appointed?

Anyone can apply to be a mod in any forum by filing an application in f/meta. If you're a good and valued contributor to the forum you want to mod, you'll be appointed a moderator. You can also become a moderator by making a new forum yourself.

How do moderators operate?

Mods are required to uphold the site-wide Terms of Service which includes many anti-oppression safeguards.

Unlike on similar sites, there isn't a hierarchical structure within our mod teams. Each mod is equal and democratic process solves all disputes between mods. Furthermore, mods are held accountable to the greater community - anyone can file a complaint in f/meta if a moderator is seen to be abusing their position. We value transparency.

How do I see what actions moderators have taken?

The toolbox on every forum contains a link to the local moderation log. There's also a global moderation log available.

Can I create my own forums?

Currently, users must be whitelisted by admins to be able to create their own forums. You can request to be whitelisted in f/meta. You can check your whitelist status on your profile.

Is there vetting of new users?

Yes. New users have to be explicitly marked as trusted by admins, otherwise they have a few restrictions:

  • Cannot post more than three submission in an hour.
  • Cannot create new forums.
  • Cannot edit the wiki.
  • Are subject to IP bans when logged in.
  • IP address will be associated with votes, submissions, comments, and message. The addresses are pruned every 24 hours, though, to protect your security.

We had to implement this to deal with swaths of porn spam. Typically new accounts are marked as trusted soon after they first post.

What happened to the old transitional site before Postmill was made?

You can download the archive here:

Can I change my username?

Yea. Just go to your user settings and edit your name.

Can I see all the latest comments across the site?

Just click the "Comments" tab on the front page (next to "Submissions").