Raddle Etiquette

There are not many general preferences for Raddle usage, but here are some.

  • Content Warnings for violent, distressing, or disturbing submissions are encouraged in the submission title in the form, e.g. [CW: domestic violence]

  • Comments are weighted heavily in the "hot" algorithm, so if you want to add more to a response you've already made, it's generally better not to stack your comments - edit them instead to add more.

  • Try to use gender neutral language where possible, and put your pronouns in your bio, which you can edit in your profile. Check for people's pronouns before using them, and go with they/them when it is not clear.

  • When submitting a PDF, please add the tag [PDF] to the submission title. This is because PDFs are a security concern. Tails can be used to open pdfs safely or you can use a non networked virtual machine

  • Generally, upvotes are for posts that contribute to the discussion and to the site overall, and are not intended simply to show agreement. Similarly, downvotes are for posts that are not contributing to the discussion or to the site overall, and not simply to show disagreement. That is of course except when explicitly stated, like votes or proposals.

  • If you are new to radical politics and interested to challenge the ideas involved, please do not write demanding posts requiring that users write books for you, especially in inappropriate forums. Ideally ask instead for useful reading that already exists, and in forums like f/Anarchy101 rather than f/Anarchism.

  • If you're posting an inflammatory meme that implies that some entire ideological perspective is getting it wrong, please include some of your own explanation, or links to relevant articles explaining your position where possible. Flame wars over misunderstandings are tiresome and rarely help people become less sectarian or defensive.

  • Our users are very security-conscious, so promoting insecure platforms like Discord channels and Facebook is unlikely to go well.

  • It's not nice to accuse other users of malicious acts without clear evidence. Accusing others of being police or police-informants is especially frowned upon as it creates real harm.

  • Please remember to listen to the concerns of your fellow users. If the community is overwhelmingly telling you that something you're doing is abusive, be willing to reconsider your actions and engage in introspection. Digging your heels in when real concerns are brought to you is a sign that you're acting in bad faith and you'll likely be treated as such.

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