Deprecated CSS

From time to time, Postmill's HTML is cleaned up and things are renamed or otherwise changed around. In order to maintain backward compatibility with themes, we may deprecate classes/IDs/particular HTML elements, but still keep them in the code for some time longer while we wait for authors to update their themes.

To be removed in April 2018

  • .submission-meta replaces the following class names:
    • .sidebar__section--submission-meta
    • .sidebar-submission-meta
  • .submission-meta__vote-stats replaces .vote-stats.
  • .submission-meta__vote-total replaces .vote-total.

Removed in January 2018

  • .active, which is applied to the active list element in .submission-sort and .forum-list-view-selector, will be removed. These navs now have the .tabs class, and active elements are indicated with .tabs__tab--active (for list elements) and .tabs__link--active (for links). Use these classes to target active elements instead.

NOTE: All themes contributed to raddle should be contributed with the understanding that they will belong to the community. Consider any themes you make for raddle to be public domain.