Critical Role Spoiler Policy

In order to be mindful of other Raddlers who may not be up to date with the show, please be mindful of posting spoilers. As with the alien site counterpart to this forum, the spoiler policy, in short is:

All in-game, plot-relevant events from Critical Role are considered spoilers, and must be tagged. Tag your submissions with the correct spoiler tag - [Spoilers C#E##] - in the front of your submission title. You are not allowed to discuss events beyond the scope of the spoiler tag in the comments without spoiler code covering your comment.

For example, [Spoilers C1E36] means "Spoilers for all episodes up to and including Campaign 1 Episode 36: Winter's Crest in Whitestone in the Original Post and the comments". To tag for general spoilers or all spoilers, use the most recent episode number. If you are not caught up, use the number of the most recent episode to which you are caught up.

If a submission is tagged [No Spoilers], this is to be taken strictly and literally. No one reading the submission, or comments within it, should read anything about the plot events of Critical Role. If contextual knowledge is present for plot elements, the post CANNOT be tagged [No Spoilers]. Example: Sam does an ad at the beginning of an episode for a sponsor. If this ad contains no information related to the plot of Critical Role, the content can be tagged [No Spoilers]. If there is relevant plot information present (whether joking or serious), it MUST be tagged with the appropriate Campaign/Episode number. This explicitly includes any equipment, villians/antagonists, or class levels/abilities that characters or NPCs are revealed to possess, as well as plot and event details both major and minor.

  1. Spoiler Tags on Submissions

  2. Spoiler Code in Comments

  3. Submission Titles

Spoiler Tags on Submissions

All submissions require a spoiler tag. The tag must be at the very front of your submission title.

The tag required at the front of your title is [Spoilers C#E##], and you need a space after the spoiler tag. If you do not spell it exactly "[Open Bracket]Spoilers[Space]C[Number]E[Numbers][End Bracket]", and put it in the front of your title, it will not work. The same for [No Spoilers] - "[Open Bracket]No[Space]Spoilers[End Bracket]". PLEASE follow this guideline so as not to ruin things for others.

Example tags:

[Spoilers C#E##] This is the most common tag, and covers most discussions. To tag for general spoilers or all spoilers, use the most recent episode number. A Campaign 3 tag does cover and allow discussion of Campaign 1 AND Campaign 2. No 'Lazy Tagging' - if you are only talking about C1 or C2, use a the appropriate tag!

[Spoilers C1] The same as [Spoilers C1E115], or the former spoiler system's [Spoilers E115]. This covers the entire Vox Machina campaign, now also known as Campaign 1. Do not discuss Campaign 2 here!

[Spoilers C2] The same as [Spoilers C2E141]. This covers BOTH Campaign 1 and Campaign 2.

[No Spoilers] For content that is not about or discussing the show/game itself. Hypotheticals, questions, or fan art are often incorrectly submitted with a [No Spoilers] tag - the moderators will remove your submission and ask you to re-post with the correct spoiler tag. When in doubt or if it is borderline about whether the discussion will lead to spoilers, please do not use [No Spoilers] - use a spoiler tag instead.

Spoiler Code in Comments

To mention something beyond the scope of the spoiler tag in a submission's comments, use the spoiler code to hide your comment. For example:

Spoilers C#E# [spoiler text goes here](#s)

Shows up as:

Spoilers C#E# spoiler text goes here

Submission Titles

Never put spoilers in your submission title. Assume that every person reading your title has either just heard of Critical Role and hasn't watched an episode, or is a few episodes behind. When in doubt, err on the side of a more vague title.