Chat Rooms

Raddle has several Matrix chat rooms administered by members and moderators of our forums.

I recommend signing up at the and using They have useful services and less monitoring. You can also use, and other public Riot clients (Nheko being notably lightweight and stable.) Having a spare account is useful in case a server goes offline. The following channels can be accessed with either service. Currently, won't know online/offline/idle due to performance.

Popular Matrix clients can be downloaded here:

Riot (mobile app can be used for any server, ask a channel or boringskip if you need help)

Nheko (This client DOES NOT support decrypting files)

Fractal (This client DOES NOT support encryption)

"Raddle administered" indicates channels that are moderated by raddle's admins. All other channels are not officially affiliated with raddle but a few of them are moderated by raddle mods.

Raddle Channel Notes
Raddle (Raddle administered) 🔗 🔗 General Raddle Chat
f/queer 🔗 🔗 LGBTQ+
f/shoplifting 🔗 🔗 Taking from the rich
f/armedleft 🔗 🔗 Socialist Rifle Association (Kinda)
f/piracy 🔗 🔗 Steal Moar Data
Postmill Dev 🔗 🔗 Raddle Development
f/meta (Raddle administered) 🔗 🔗 Meta & Spam discussion
Sci Fi 🔗 🔗
Liberation Technology 🔗
Religion & Interfaith 🔗 🔗 Religious Discussion
The Great Outdoors 🔗 🔗 Nature, Camping, Hiking, Outdoors. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
Dox the Fash 🔗 🔗 DO IT
Anarchism 🔗 🔗 General Anarchist Discussion
f/politics 🔗 🔗 Political discussion, not necessarily anarchist
f/MastodonSocial 🔗 🔗 A channel made for the discussion of Mastodon and other services on the fediverse.
f/satanism 🔗 🔗 Satanism, The Satanic Temple, and the Left-Hand Path
f/music 🔗 🔗 For sharing whatever you're listening to!

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