Audiobook Resources


Anarchist/Leftist Sources

Another World is Possible - Small library of anarchist audiobooks on

Audio Anarchy- MP3s of anarchist texts ( Backup)

Audible Anarchist (YT) - Anarchist texts hosted on Youtube and Soundcloud. See /f/AudibleAnarchist for more.

Free Radical Radio Audiobooks - Audiozines and snippets of Audiobooks

Leftist Theory Audiobooks (YT) - Leftist texts hosted on Youtube

Raddle's Audiobook Library - Under construction by /f/audiobooks

Raddle's Podcast Wiki - Podcast library by /f/Podcasts

Resonance Audio - Anarchist Audiobooks & Audiozines. Also hosted on their Youtube channel and site

Legal Sources / Librivox / Project Gutenberg Audiobooks

Loyal books - 7000+ audiobooks

English Only

OpenCulture - 900 audiobooks

Lit2Go - Literature classics from a university library


French: - 6000+ audiobooks

Illegal/Pirate Sources (Use privacy software/VPN)

Audiobook Bay - huge selection

Unwelcome Guests Audiobooks - a few direct MP3 downloads

Mobile Software

Android: Voice (Audiobook Player) - Great interface and features, and of course free/GPL software.

iOS: Audiobook-Player/BookPlayer - free/GPL software

If you know additional sources/software to list, feel free to edit this yourself or post in /f/audiobooks.