Resources on asexuality

This wiki is meant to be resource with a set of links giving a basic introduction to asexuality. It does generally need work in framing asexuality in terms of queerness, though, and it's worthwhile to keep in mind the indiscernable nature of queerness as these articles take effort to discern in some fine detail sets of categories for people to fit into. When there are better resources that engage asexuality from a radical queer position they will hopefully replace and supplement what is here.

Info about asexuality

The website with the fitting name What is asexuality? has answers for you.
The title of this blog’s article If You Can See The Invisible Elephant, Please Describe It sums it up nicely.
You can find a collection of analogies on the Asexual ACES Blog.
Cake Walk explains stuff as a comic.

Misconceptions & doubts

The Asexuality Archive gives you an overview of Things That Are Not Asexuality.
This post on Fuck Yeah Asexual’s tumblr lists a bunch of misconceptions about asexuality.
This tumblr post answers Am I Still Asexual If…?
The Asexuality Archive’s post Maybe I’m Not Really Asexual, Because…: An Exploration of Doubts takes a look at various questions and misconceptions.
This comic explains what Asexuality is NOT.

Sexual attraction ≠ sex drive, desire, arousal, consent

Anagnori’s blog asks and answers What’s the difference between sex drive, sexual attraction, sexual arousal, sexual desire, and sexual consent?
In this video Aces Wild explain the difference between Arousal, Drive, Attraction, and Desire.
The Ace Theist explains Differentiating Sexual Attraction and Sexual Desire.

Some vocabulary

The Asexuality Archive has this glossary.
Asexuality is a spectrum and here you can find various A-Spec Labels and Terminology.
Short and squat tater tot’s tumblr posted this list of a-spec identities & info!
Some Words and concepts used in asexual communities by Anagnori’s blog.
Asexuals Anonymous’s blog offers A Glossary of Asexual and Aromantic-Related Terms.

For partners

There’s this informative Relationship FAQ by AVEN.
Prismatic Entanglements’s blog explains How to Have Sex With an Asexual Person.


This tumblr blog has a list of Books with Asexual Main Characters.
If you want to read about asexuality in a non-fictional way, try Julie Sondra Decker’s book THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION: An Introduction to Asexuality.
Not a book, a journal: The Asexual.

This wiki was initially drawn from this page where it has more sections with links, including one called "Meet Other Aces".