Contact an Admin, Moderator or a Spambuster

If you need to contact one of us to report spam or make a private request, check our profiles to see which of us was most recently active and shoot us a PM.

If you've forgotten your password, read this first.

Admins are responsible for running the day-to-day of the site. We uphold the terms of service, make announcements on behalf of the site, add moderators to forums, ensure the moderators don't abuse their positions, and perform whatever actions are decided by the community in f/meta and elsewhere. I like to think of raddle as a zine and the admins as the publisher/editors.

Spambusters are users that have been elected by the community simply to remove spam and ban spammers site-wide. They are only appointed when the traffic of the site is high enough to warrant it. They're elected in f/meta and serve for no longer than 6 months before their heightened privileges are revoked by the system.

These temporary terms will help avoid the trappings of institutional power and the unjust hierarchies it creates. Spambusters can also be recalled by the community by popular vote in f/meta if they are not performing as expected or are no longer needed.

Moderators can issue local bans and delete posts on the specific forum(s) they moderate. The moderators of a forum are listed in the bottom right corner of every forum. Moderators are unable to issue global bans.


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None are currently appointed.


See the moderator list on the forum in question.