How to Join the Rojava Revolution

We get many messages from people who believe in the values of democratic confederalism and want to help Rojava. First of all: thank you! We really appreciate. Rojava definitely needs international support. I won't lie: right now it's very difficult to come. The embargo is stronger than ever, and the authorities from Turkey and Ba┼čur are determined to boycott the democratic process in Rojava. However, there are some ways in. But first, consider there is much you can do from home.

We have three online groups, which you can join if you feel you can contribute in any way, or if you just want to be informed about our progress:



I.T. --> You can also contribute in other ways:

  • propose to create a new group
  • raise funds for projects in Rojava
  • convince other people to help
  • spread our videos and articles around

About coming to Rojava, these are currently the available options:

-The best way is to join YPG. They can bring you here safely, and take care of all your needs, but they ask you to join their ranks for at least 6 months before you can do civilian work. You will do military, language, and ideological training with them, and will learn to be a real revolutionary. Contact them at Make sure to read their website before contacting them.

  • As a journalist. If you choose this way, send us an email to discuss the details
  • As humanitarian aid, with some organization such as Heyva Sor
  • As part of an official delegation, supported by the government of your country

There might be exceptions for special situations. Contact us via email if you feel that is your case.