What is Praxis?

A question you'll often get when you attempt to educate someone about anarchism, is how practical is anarchy? How can anarchy be demonstrated to me in a way that I can appreciate its effectiveness? Nothing is more effective in demonstrating the value of anarchy than praxis.

Praxis is any action that embodies and realizes anarchist theory. It's a valuable method for creating awareness of anarchist causes and building solidarity in your community.

Examples of praxis:

  • Setting up a Food Not Bombs chapter in your community.

  • Squatting an unused building to provide a safe space for homeless people.

  • Guerilla gardening.

  • Setting up a free shop that people can freely take what they need from.

  • Building community gardens to feed and engage the community.

  • Preparing free meals for homeless people.

  • Helping people install a free and open source operating system and the Tor browser for privacy and security.

  • Converting old combustion-engine cars to electric.

  • Make a zine/informational about an important topic.

  • Creating memes from an Anarchist perspective.

  • Assassinating dictators.

  • Creating an autonomous zone.

  • Horizontal community public safety organizing to replace the police.

  • Teaching people how to steal from the rich effectively.

  • Creating a space online that Anarchists can share these ideas with each other.

  • Aiding in defending indiginous sovereignty.

  • Being support for people suffering from addictions, and helping them be on a healthy path they want to be on.

  • Stopping pipelines from being built.

  • Investigating history, and appreciating the context for how you have come to be.

  • Identifying priviledges caused by being a part of a white-supremacist, hetero-normative, patriarchal, trans-phobic, classist, state controlled labor farm.

  • Calling out problematic behaviour in comrades, no matter their status in the group.

  • Teaching people to be self sufficient by gardening, foraging and upcycling.

  • Starting an anarchist bike collective to fix people's bikes.

  • Making anarchist music that shines a light on injustices in the world.