Extra Features

These are just some features that exist but are not integrated into the UI.

  • See the site-wide moderation log at /moderation_log or the onion version.

  • See all the latest comments at /comments or the onion version.

  • Combine forums for a multi-forum view with a '+', for example /f/queer+trans.

  • You can see see all forums in one category combined by clicking on any heading in the Category View option in 'Forums'. or if you know the category name you can access it by appending e.g. /c/Anarchism to your web or onion Raddle address, or link to it in a post just by typing e.g. c/Race_and_Colonisation.

  • RSS Feeds: All the forums have basic RSS support. Just add /new/1.atom to the forum URL to view the feed in your reader.