Disengagement v.1.0

Note that this is not a site/Raddle-wide policy. It will only apply to the subraddles (Raddle's subforums) which adopt it.

tl;dr: If two parties are engaged in a toxic feud, harassment, or targeted trolling: an agreement to "disengage" between the parties may be proposed by either party or members of the community. Think of it as the forum equivalent of a peace treaty between warring factions, or when more broadened a restraining order.


  • Prioritize having feuding parties disengage before conflict escalates.

  • Allow users the agency to choose who they interact with on subraddles. If a user is feeling targeted/harassed, they need a way to participate without encountering them.

  • Protect the community from toxic, reactive squabbles that hamper fair and constructive discussions

Policy: A "disengagement" agreement

What does it mean to "disengage"?

Users cannot respond to each other's posts or comments in the forum that adopts this measure.

If circumstances require it, the disengagement agreement should broaden to include:

  • No linking to each other's comments or posts.
  • No baiting them in the comments section by talking about them with other users.
  • No involvement in public votes about the other user.
  • No making threads or memes etc about the other user.
  • No roping other people into the conflict to fight on their behalf.
  • No spreading rumors.

A disengagement will become valid if:

  1. A user does not want to interact with another user. This can be done for any reason. This is done by messaging the forum moderator with the other party's username. OR
  2. Feuding parties are creating a toxic atmosphere for others, and the subraddle's community votes that they disengage (i.e. a cool-off/timed disengagement)

The disengagement can be voided if:

  1. The specified time of the agreement expires OR,
  2. Both parties agree to participate in good faith going forward OR,
  3. Both parties agree to participate in /f/mediation

If one or both parties violate the agreement the moderator will:

  1. Issue a temporary ban to allow for a cool-off period, OR
  2. Issue a permanent ban if the behavior persists.*


  • Self-defense: If one party violates the agreement, the other party will be allowed to defend themselves by responding (within reasonable limits)*

*Violations of 'reasonable limits', abuse of self-defense, or if permanent bans should be issued are determined by votes of community members