Chat Rooms

Raddle has several Matrix chat rooms administered by members and moderators of our forums.

I recommend signing up at the and using They have useful services and less monitoring. You can also use, and other public Riot clients (Nheko being notably lightweight and stable.) Having a spare account is useful in case a server goes offline. The following channels can be accessed with either service. Currently, won't know online/offline/idle due to performance.

Popular Matrix clients can be downloaded here: (mobile app can be used for any server, ask a channel or boringskip if you need help) (This client DOES NOT support decrypting files) (This client DOES NOT support encryption)

Raddle Channel Notes
Raddle (official channel) 🔗 🔗 General Site Chat
f/queer 🔗 🔗
f/RadMentalHealth 🔗 🔗
f/satanism 🔗 🔗 Satanism, The Satanic Temple, and the Left-Hand Path
f/armedleft 🔗 🔗 Socialist Rifle Association (Kinda)
f/piracy 🔗 🔗 Steal Moar Data
Sci Fi 🔗 🔗
Liberation Technology 🔗 🔗 DIY, Hacking, Surveillance Self Defense, Digital Co-ops
Religion & Interfaith 🔗 🔗 Religious Discussion
The Great Outdoors 🔗 🔗 Nature, Camping, Hiking, Outdoors. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
Dox the Fash 🔗 🔗 DO IT
Meta 🔗 🔗 Meta & Spam discussion
Postmill Dev 🔗 🔗 Raddle Development
Anarchism 🔗 🔗 General Anarchist Discussion
f/politics 🔗 🔗 Political discussion, not necessarily anarchist
f/MastodonSocial 🔗 🔗 A channel made for the discussion of Mastodon and other services on the fediverse.
f/history 🔗 🔗 Discussion, analysis, and other content based around history and historical events.
f/MyLittlePony 🔗 🔗 Friendship is magic.
f/anime 🔗 🔗 For anime, manga, and other related content.
f/music 🔗 🔗 For sharing whatever you're listening to!

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