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  1. Experiencing Chapo withdrawal?

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Experiencing Chapo withdrawal?

Check that you've consumed all of this the Chapo-adjacent content currently available.

in hopes that this soothes your nerves and helps the itching subside. post anything that's missing in the comments and it will be edited in. since the post is archived now, send me a message for edits instead. entries marked ☠️ are dead links. if you are able to locate a copy of one of these episodes, please get in contact.


I'm Actually Laughing: Chapo Trap House, Election Night 2016

Fighting in The Age of Loneliness: Felix Biederman and Jon Bois on MMA (Part: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


Chapo Election Night 2018: Armenia Decides, midterms live show

Will Menaker's periscope, including a viewing of Seagal movie Contract to Kill

Matt Christman's periscope, including Inauguration Viewing and Pooptouchathon 2017

Felix Biederman's periscope

Brendan James' periscope, including a viewing of Seagal movie The Perfect Weapon

@CHAPOTRAPHOUSE periscope, including Chapo Olympiss Livestream 🏅🏅🏅 and Matt Touches Poop

Chapo Trap House on Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers at Film Society of Lincoln Center

Chapo Trap House / Team FYM official twitch channel

Podcasts Hosted by Chapo Hosts

Frost/Christman (ep 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): Amber A'Lee Frost and Matt Christman on film

Whale Vomit: Amber A'Lee Frost and Sam Kriss

Scumbag: Ed Zitron, Felix Biederman and Jesse Farrar

The Digcast with Carl Diggler, (one-off Matt Bruenig Election Team ep): Virgil Texas and Felix Biederman

Podcast Guest Appearances

Nostalgia Trap Ep 32: Will Menaker -- Will

Nostalgia Trap Ep 50: Matt Christman -- Matt

Nostalgia Trap Ep 51: Felix Biederman -- Felix

Nostalgia Trap Ep 52: Will Menaker -- Will (again)

The Dollop #257: The Orange Catholic Riots (libsyn) -- Will, Felix

The Dollop #258: Bill the Butcher and John Morrissey (libsyn) -- Matt, Virgil

The Dollop #261: Henry Ford's Henchmen (libsyn) -- Matt

Majority Report 03/27: Medicare for All (YouTube) -- Will

Majority Report 06/23: Republican Ghouls Set To Kill For Tax Cuts (YouTube) -- Matt

Street Fight Radio: Will Matt and Felix talk about 13 Hours -- Will, Matt, Felix before CTH existed

Street Fight Radio's many other appearances of Chapo Trap House members

Have You Seen This? Ep 17: Will Menaker Talks Scorsese -- Will

Have You Seen This? Ep 18: Matt Christman Talks Mad Dog Time -- Matt

Have You Seen This? Ep 21: On Deadly Ground -- Felix

Have You Seen This? Ep 26: Cruising with Will Menaker -- Will

Have You Seen This? Ep 27: Tarantino Ripoffs with Matt Christman -- Matt

Have You Seen This? Ep 30: Francesco -- Will

Flour Hour Ep 05: #PizzaGate with @ByYourLogic -- Felix

Flour Hour Ep 09: Seal of Fake News with @willmenaker -- Will

Flour Hour Ep 36: Good Will Baking with @ByYourLogic -- Felix

Flour Hour Ep 56: W Ketchup with @cushbomb -- Matt

The Bill Press Show Ep 171: Twitter Can Be A Terrible Thing -- Brendan

No Cartridge Ep 20: Metal Gear Solid with Felix Biederman (player.fm) -- Felix

No Cartridge Ep 23: Matt Christman Takes on Gaming (player.fm) -- Matt

No Cartridge Ep 64: Live Debate w/ Matt Christman and Virgil Texas at The Bell House -- Matt, Virgil

Boonta Vista Socialist Club Ep 10: Troppo Chap House -- Matt

Boonta Vista Socialist Club Ep 11: The Christman School Of Linguistic Mimicry -- Matt

Boonta Vista Socialist Club Ep 78: Trans-Pacific Draft Day feat. Will Menaker -- Will

Cum Town -- multiple individual appearances by Will, Amber, Felix

Episode One -- multiple appearances by Felix

Katie Halper Show: Chapo's Historic Physical Meetup & Rania Khalek on Identity Politics -- Will, Matt, Felix

Katie Halper Show: Why Trump Won: Freddie DeBoer, Amber A'Lee Frost, Juan Mejia -- Amber

Katie Halper Show: #WeAreTheLeft with Amber A'Lee Frost & Carl Beijer -- Amber

Katie Halper Show: Matt Christman on the history of fascism & the liberal hot takes that enable Trump -- Matt

The Age of Napoleon Bonus Ep: The 28th Messidor of Matt Christman -- Matt

☠️ No Goals Ep 8: Treat Boys & Treat Girls -- Matt

Prep School Hippie Ep 10: I Invented Being Horny Online -- Felix

Intercepted: Dispatch From The Dirtbag Left -- Felix

My Team Sucks Episode 3 -- Will

Zero Squared Ep 94: Free Speech for Dickheads -- Amber

Zero Squared Ep 168: Chapo on Libtards, Logic, and Revolution -- Matt, Virgil

Diet Soap Ep 214: The Religion of Identity -- Amber

Film Comment: Steve Bannon -- Will

Twin Peaks Peeks: Part 8 -- Brendan

Discourse Collective Ep 55: Special - DSA Convention Interviews w/Will Menaker -- Will

Discourse Collective Ep 68: Culture - Twin Peaks Wrap-Up w/Will Menaker & Joel Bocko -- Will

Press Row: Jordan Breen Talks 4/20, Nick Diaz and Weed Politics -- Felix

Press Row: Jordan Breen Discusses and Eulogizes Kimbo Slice -- Felix

Real Good Show Ep 71: 12 Segments Of Christmas II (with Jared Leto, Santa Claus) -- Felix

Heavy Hands #173: Mayweather vs McGregor preview, feat. Felix Biederman (YouTube) -- Felix

TARFU Report Ep 16: Trump Upstages Hurricane Harvey ft. Will Menaker (archived) -- Will

Left Coast E007: Louis Lingg's Exploding Head // The Haymarket Affair -- Matt

Left Coast E026: King Failson // Saudi Arabia Pt 1 -- Felix

Left Coast E027: Quitubgirl // Saudi Arabia Pt 2 -- Felix

Left Coast E028: Vroom Vroom // Saudi Arabia Pt 3 -- Felix

District Sentinel Radio Ep 9/8/17: The Extremely Online Hillary Clinton -- Matt

District Sentinel Radio Ep 7/22/16: Cleveland….Time for a Shower

District Sentinel Radio Ep 8/3/16: Republicans to Turn on Trump? They Created Him!

Michael Brooks Show Ep 08: When Fascism Wins and the Resistance Fails ft. Matt Christman & Corey Pein -- Matt

Michael Brooks Show Ep 20: The Anti-Essentialist Left w/ Adolph Reed & Media Nerd Beatdown w/ Will Menaker -- Will

Michael Brooks Show Ep 42: The Color Of Money ft. Mehrsa Baradaran & Felix Biederman -- Felix

The Dig: Matt Christman rants, raves, and ruminates -- Matt

Episode One 12: Two Weeks Paid Leave -- Felix steals cop valor

Against Everyone with Conner Habib 12: Hating The People Who Hate People -- Felix

Against Everyone with Conner Habib 25: Will Menaker or Stop Enabling Stupidity: ACT! -- Will

Ballin' Out Super Ep 50: Black Goku Done Got Sucked Into That Time Hole w/ Felix Biederman -- Felix

Ballin' Out Super Ep 63: Goku Screws Up A Fairly Straight Forward Plan w/ Will Menaker -- Will

Ballin' Out Super Ep 70: Finally, A Show About Western Culture w/ Virgil Texas -- Virgil

Ballin' Out Super Ep 73: Gohan Goes To Hollywood w/ Matt Christman -- Matt

Struggle Session Ep 48 Preview: Games are Better Than Movies -- Felix

Struggle Session Ep 52: Providence w/ Will Menaker -- Will

Struggle Session Ep 84 Preview: The Purge w/ Matt Christman (unlocked) -- Matt

Struggle Session Ep 135 Preview: Watchmen w/ Will Menaker -- Will

Reply All Ep 58: Earth Pony -- Felix, Virgil

Talking Simpsons: Two Bad Neighbors with Virgil Texas and Matt Christman -- Virgil, Matt

Talking Simpsons: Homer's Enemy with Matt Christman and Virgil Texas -- Matt, Virgil

The Sitdown w/ Mark Recine Ep 10: Popeye w/ Will Menaker -- Will

The Sitdown w/ Mark Recine Ep 32: Failed Sons w/ Felix Biederman -- Felix

The Sitdown w/ Mark Recine Ep 35: Assassinations w/ Matt Christman -- Matt

The Sitdown w/ Mark Recine Ep 54: The Sitdown Thanksgiving Spectacular -- Matt (segment starts 32m41s)

The Sitdown w/ Mark Recine Ep 60: Professional Fighting w/ Felix Biederman -- Felix

Beyond The Filter Ep 24: The Old vs. New Internet with Felix Biederman -- Felix

Pod Damn America: Matt Christman's Softcore History -- Matt

Humor and The Abject Ep 72: Matt Christman -- Matt

Trashfuture: The Very Special Relationship ft. Felix Biederman -- Felix

Trashfuture: Towards a Political Theory of Smashing ft. Matt Christman -- Matt

Dead Pundits Society Ep 40: Naglemania & The Dirtbag Left w/ Angela Nagle and Amber A'Lee Frost -- Amber

Dead Pundits Society Ep 74: All Tomorrow's Socialisms w/ Amber A'Lee Frost -- Amber

Star Wars Minute TFA 16: Teedospeak -- Matt, Virgil

Star Wars Minute TFA 17: That Person Is Dead -- Matt, Virgil

Star Wars Minute TFA 18: Brain Torture -- Matt, Virgil

Star Wars Minute TFA 19: Infinite Energy and Infinite Labor -- Matt, Virgil

Star Wars Minute TFA 20: The Modern Automobile -- Matt, Virgil

Antifada Episode 17: The Working Class Goes to Hell w/ Matt Christman & Virgil Texas -- Matt, Virgil

Antifada's History is a Weapon Ep 2 w/ Matt Christman -- Matt

Antifada's History is a Weapon Ep 3 w/ Matt Christman -- Matt

Antifada ft. Will Menaker: Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism w/ Kim Stanley Robinson -- Will

Sexy Unique Podcast 59: Creatives Being Creative w/ Felix Biederman -- Felix

Grubstakers Ep 51: Jeffrey Epstein feat. Matt Christman -- Matt

Hell Block 3: Stefan v. Scott Adams (w/ Will Menaker) (premium) -- Will

QAnon Anonymous Ep 31: Q Clock & CPAC feat Virgil Texas (@1h06m) -- Virgil

Pod Yourself A Gun 4: Meadowlands, With Felix Biederman -- Felix

Beep Beep Lettuce 30: Biden's Socialism for Banks ft. Chris Wade -- Chris


“Log Off”: Matt Christman on Power, Politics, and the Future of the Left The Gate of UChicago

What Will Become of The Dirtbag Left? The New Yorker

The Parody Pundit We Deserve: Carl Diggler The New Yorker interviews Virgil and Felix

Chapo Trap House are the Vulgar, Brilliant Demigods of the New Progressive Left Paste Magazine

The Dirtbag Left at Harvard: An Interview with Chapo Trap House censored from The Harvard Crimson

Chapo Bonus Cuts - Will Talks To His Dad Will Menaker interviews his father and it's pure gold

Chapo Trap House and the burden of the 'dirtbag left' Chicago Reader interviews Felix

MST3K for politics: The hosts of Chapo Trap House trace their podcast’s evolution to the disastrous present The A.V. Club

The Radical Cheek of 'Chapo Trap House' Pacific Standard

The Left's Most Notorious Podcasters Are Divided On Video Games Kotaku

A Neoliberal Nightmare at OZY Fest 2018 Rolling Stone

The Boys of Chapo Trap House Share Their Wellness Secrets The Cut

Local Minnesota Radio Hour interviews Matt Christman AM950 KTNF

The Horror and the Hopefulness of Chapo Trap House: An Interview With Matt Christman Jacobin

“We’re going to end up in a very bad place” – Chapo Trap House on hope, podcasting, and prestige TV Honi Soit

Forward Left: An Interview with Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House CounterPunch


Virgil Texas: How I Infiltrated a White Pride Facebook Group and Turned It into 'LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama'

Felix Biederman: Face it: The body-slammed reporter did just what you would have done at WaPo

Felix Biederman: Your App Isn't Helping The People Of Saudi Arabia

Felix Biederman: Suicide Squad Is The Summer's Best Movie About Divorce

Amber A'Lee Frost: Bro Bash in Jacobin

Amber A'Lee Frost: many pieces and a regular advice column at The Baffler

Amber A'Lee Frost: several pieces at Current Affairs including The Necessity of Political Vulgarity

Matt Christman: How TV Became Respectable Without Getting Better in Current Affairs

Matt Christman: Park Menn in Jacobin

Will Menaker: four pieces at Barnes & Noble review including What I Learned from "24"

Brendan James: Did Robert Caruso Con The Washington Press—Or Is That What The Russians Want You To Think?

Virgil Texas and Felix Biederman: The Nine Canonical Responses to ‘U Mad,’ the Internet’s Most Grievous Insult

Virgil Texas and Felix Biederman: New Trends In Getting Mad Online

Matt Christman: Unleash The Beast

Matt Christman: many movie reviews on Letterboxd

Matt Christman: OZY Fest: The ideas festival for people who hate ideas

Amber A'Lee Frost: It’s Bernie, Bitch It's Still Bernie

Some video content:

Chapo Trap House / Street Fight Radio ft. Josh Androsky (Left Coast) (Vimeo video shot by Nick Hayes) Chapo Trap House - Success Win Cig Boy Felix Goat Boy Will Treat Boy Matt Katie Halper Post Election Show, Why Trump Won: Freddie DeBoer, Amber A'Lee Frost, Juan Mejia Katie Halper Show: Chapo's Historic Physical Meetup & Rania Khalek on Identity Politics, 1:35:24 mark & on is pretty funny Katie Halper with Carl Diggler (Felix), Brendan James and Natasha Lennard (very funny imo @ 1:25:00 mark & on) Felix's periscope Also the Street Fight periscope has some Chapo #content