Anarchy 101

Raddle's anarchism wiki hopes to answer all your questions about anarchy and anarchists.


What is Anarchy?

What is Archy?

What is Autonomy?

What is Mutual Aid?

What is Direct Action?

What is Praxis?

Applied Anarchy

These are anarchist currents that can be applied in the here and now without necessarily requiring a revolution or an overthrow of the current order. They can be manifested in various ways, including communal living, self sufficiency, squatting, direct action, helping people in need, art projects and civil disobedience.

"Individualist" Anarchy Overview

Post-Left Anarchy Overview

Green Anarchism Overview

Theoretical Anarchist Currents

These anarchist currents revolve around economic theories that would require a revolutionary overthrow of the current world order to enact. They're effectively blueprints for structuring civilization around anarchist principles.

Social Anarchism Overview

Crossover Currents

This section houses anarchist currents that can be described as both applied and theoretical. They utilize components that can be applied right now in a capitalist society, in order to stoke a future socialist revolution.