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If you are talking about getting kicked out of your house at 18 or something, the best you can do is find any job ASAP and stay at a friend's, etc. Long run, I believe it is valuable to find a route through your local community college (USA?) and take some career classes in a decent paying field.

Violin won't make you much money, street playing is the only real option there which is more of a hobby at best, or making enough money to eat barely at worst.

AFAIK Communes don't necessarily require skills to join, just that you learn later. Are there Cooperative living situations near you? Those still charge rent but it's usually small and you can sometimes work it off.

I know this is very broad information, I don't have experience with this. But I do know a little about schooling. For example, nursing school through CC might be an option (CCs are cheap compared to university, but still it's like some few hundreds for a class, so you'd need to save). There are some programs that are 1 year certificates, those might be OK depending on what job. And of course, you can always go to CC and transfer to a 4 year university later.


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Yeah as a white guy I think that it is (a) encouraged since whiteness is oppressive and (b) something you should believe in, since whiteness started most of the bs that ruling parties use to oppress minorities. Also i don't see THAT many posts referring to that you are talking about anyway.


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Thanks. I guess I'll try that. What do you recommend for an RSS reader? Preferably one that can sync between browser and mobile.

The commitment I guess is just feeling somewhat involved, which admittedly I feel like I'm doing more and more of here.