zzuum wrote

We definitely should not own non-domesticated animals. As for typical pets, I think that because they have relied on us for so long, we should take good care of them but phase out breeding them since they are overpopulated. I.e. fix every dog and cat so that they stop being so prevalent.

Regardless, imo it's hard to say whether or not we should actually keep animals as pets. I can say with confidence that it is better for my community that I do keep my dog away from being "wild" because she is severely dog/other animal aggressive and would go out of her way to kill other animals. Therefore I do what I can to give her a good life while protecting hers and other animal lives.


zzuum wrote (edited )

Yes. It's destroying the environment for oil which we have so much of already. And as Had an Minaj pointed out, if we use all the oil we have already mined, we will raise the Earth's temperature to unlivable temperatures.