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Green capitalist bullshit here for sure. Buying a new car doesn't offset the fact that your car was produced in a factory fucking up the environment more than any individual household in the world. Buses still pollute, even though less than a car. Energy efficient light bulbs still need to be replaced. Electric bikes??? Just fucking normal bike!

Also this makes no mention of a large number of issues that are glaring: food consumption (cow farts are like 47% of methane production in the US or something), trash (have they never heard of solid waste pollution?), buying clothes, etc. You can't buy your way into zero carbon.


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Often yes, but come on. At least these people are trying (way harder than most people I know). They lived (live? IDK This is from 2015) on a very meager income that's not easy under any circumstances, and did it voluntarily so that they could give lots away. Kudos for doing something good rather than sitting on your wealth.

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Conservative: same as now, racist asshole, divorced from economic reality, generally narcissistic.

Liberal: always on the defensive, trying to make capitalism work to save the world. Still don't care about homelessness.

Fascist: more accepted than ever, openly fascist people have been elected.

Socialist: pragmatic, have solutions to social woes, some are elected to government but more as social Democrats. (USA btw)

Anarchist: same as now, for the most part politically irrelevant. I don't believe they will be persecuted but still dismissed.

So basically, the same as now haha


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It gets waaaaaay worse. Rampant climate change including continuously increased strength hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding. Right wing wave continues and we'll see refugee violence everywhere. Meanwhile fascists push Nations close to war.

People get poorer, rich get richer. Same story as usual


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This is what baffles me about racists. Once you achieve your goal--the desctruction of all other races, minorities, etc.--then what? What you have left is a place where (1) Nothing can get done, because you won't get off your ass to do the jobs that these people do, (2) you will have no money because you elect these idiots to government who are constantly stealing money from you, and (3) you have no plan for the future because all you were concerned with was hating others. Way to go you fucking moron.


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Ok honest (and kinda funny) question. Sometimes my girlfriend will say "that's so white" or "that's such a white person thing" when pointing out various frivolous things, like certain styles of clothes or whatnot. And I'm just like.. I've never even heard of that. Like using burlap for clothes or something, you know? But I've honestly never heard of that, so I'm usually like idk about that, noone I know does that.

lol what should I think about this


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My back hurts, I think I deadlifted wrong...

On another note, I've been bored with my workout routine lately. I only workout twice a week doing the major compound exercises including squats, bench press, deadlift, then some Arnold press and Hammer curls. Anyone have ideas for a different 2 day a week workout?