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Yes, cats are carnivores, but I believe we are technologically enhanced enough to engineer cat food suitable for cats that does in fact feed them completely.


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I guess this rant is more directed towards "the common Man" rather than the elites. Like the Christan conservative down the street. Like what's your goal, put all the brown people in jail so when Jesus makes his return he can handle them with ease or something?


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Sure he probably had some condition, but that doesn't mean he's not racist. People are still responsible for the words that they say. Same reason why bipolar people are upset with Kanye, because he's just like "see it was the bipolar disorder!" Whereas other people who are bipolar are not claiming that slavery is a choice.


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Not well versed in the subject but Foucault has some works on it. The history of sexuality is the big one I think. Not sure how it ranks on the "chill" scale though