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I get it, but as a vegan I'm just grossed out by any non vegan food. I've tried a few times when I get home and realize I got a sandwich with mayo on accident, and I can never finish it.


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  1. Also, that means that probes need a way to dissipate heat it build up. Most of them are very low power to avoid this issue but I actually am curious how this is done.

Edit: quick search came up with this..

"Radiation, however, works extremely well. Any body in space will radiate in a wide range of wavelengths, and will also absorb radiation.

So any part of a space craft or satellite facing the sun will absorb heat (a net gain) and any facing away will radiate heat (a net loss).

Satellite designers minimise the absorption of energy by the use of reflective foil wherever possible, and provide heat radiating fins in order to dissipate excess heat on the dark side of the satellite."