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One thing that will work is to put in an address in another state. Order something and when it comes in bitch at them on the phone about how it was meant to go to the other address as a very important gift and that you want a refund. I did this once and they let me keep the item AND they sent the person at the other address the same item


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I lift from the same store once every 1-3 months, I shift and instead lft from other stores (bn at other locations or other book stores). I space out it out quite infrequently. If you need something from them again sooner, go to a different location! There's no reason to keep hitting the same place up too often. If it is the only one in town though then I would suggest waiting at least 2 weeks if all you took was some small books, or 1 month if you took something like a large book or game etc.


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You guys are overcomplicating this though your posts are all good nonetheless. Look, its easy as fuck. Go in the store with Bn bags with some small books in them so it looks like you are doing a return. Otherwise have the bags in your pocket and take them out later. Vary your technique , don't get into a habit fully. Grab what you want, go to an aisle that has little traffic. Put the bags on the ground with them wide open. Look at your books a little more and then lead forward and put them in. You can even take big ass board games that way. Walk along the perimeter of the store and leave.