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Ursula K. Le Guin. Dead, unfortunately :(

That woman who wrote the Three-Body Problem. I don't know her name unfortunately.

I don't know the names of many authors or directors, but almost all of them I can think of are men. Unfortunately.


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Did you know many pedophiles are adamantly against having sex with kids, and are extremely ashamed of their urges? The same could be applied to a whole range of people with rape fantasies or psychopathy or any other fucked-upedness.

And, if there is not a "pedophile mind", what is it that gives people those urges? I agree it's not a disability, but it's also wrong to vilify people for something they can't exactly control.


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Why? I think it's dumb to favor Islam in particular because or some misguided fear of being racist.

Islam is the ideological bedrock of oppression and heirarchy just like almost every other religion. It's racist to focus on that, sure, but ignoring it is just as ignorant.


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pedophiles, and more broadly anyone with extreme sexual/personality dysfunction.

Lefties seem to have this weird fixation on pedophilia, equating simply having that desire to some sort of affront to humanity. Most pedophiles are not child rapists. It's weird because people will do this whole song and dance to avoid being ableist while basically saying that pedophiles need to be culled.

I think it has to do with an underlying ideological belief that all people are good at heart. It's just not true. There are some people that have truly fucked up minds, no matter what society or situation they're born into, and you have to just accept that and recognize them as people anyway.

EDIT: also, this whole "you're with us or against us" attitude that so many on the left have. It's extremely toxic.


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anyway! if you're and atheist an your opinion of religion is that it is "irrational" then you are almost certainly an islamophobe.

Such an atheist would say that Islam is a religion and therefore hating/fearing it makes perfect sense.


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Mostly because I just don't see the utility in buying most things. Expensive food isn't worth it, expensive clothes offer no better protection than stuff you get from goodwill, new gadgets are only worth it if I'm actually going to hack on them, shoes are good inasmuch as they keep me from getting blisters.


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Do you think humanity will survive long enough to colonize other worlds?

I have a feeling humanity will be around until we evolve into something else. Humanity is tough to kill, like a particularly malignant cancer.

Do you want us to?

yes, because I think space colonization will be the next major shift in human civilization, towards I-don't-know-what and I want to find out.


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I highly recommend not using wordpress. It is one of the most insecure programs that's still in regular use on the internet.

FB is also basically impossible to be anonymous on. Use it at your own risk, because you will be surveilled if your dissent has any amount of illegality.

What I'd go for: use a file host like 0x0.st or IPFS to actually publish the data through tor or some other anonymous proxy/VPN, post a link to the file on any and all social media platforms that don't require your phone number or other uniquely identifying information, using whatever proxy/VPN setup you feel safe with, and burner accounts. That should be more than enough to conceal your identity.

Oh, also: use PDFs to actually publish your thoughts. They're nice and easily readable.