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i’m an individual. of course i have bad takes. here’s the difference: when people call me out for my bad takes i don’t use it as a springboard to start throwing shit. i try to learn from it where i can. secondly, i’m just posting shit takes on a forum, not claiming to be “news”. you don’t really care what other bad takes i think you have, do you? you just want to get defensive and start an argument. i don’t want to bite. and then you call me a troll to try and discredit my opinion, while you’re the one slinging insults. have some self awareness. reflect; maybe you’ll be able to see what the bad takes are for yourself instead of throwing up walls.


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those kind of numbers are weird to me because i just can’t comprehend having them. i live on the bare minimum i need to survive (not entirely, i have a couple of luxuries like internet access of course, but my expenses are really low comparative to everyone in my society, and if i earned less it would really start hurting). not because i am trying to be some kind of anti-capital saint as you put it, but because i despise work. if i had to work more than i do i would kill myself. in fact, many days i hate the amount of work i do now and want to take any route to end it.

so if you have a way to bring in money without hating yourself, then why even put a number on it? i don’t know, because i’ve never had money, but if you can do it without compromising yourself, can you turn the tool of capitalism against itself in many ways? can you use money to help yourself and your goals, and help other people you care about and their goals?

i would just be wary that i have thought before that i could change systems from the inside, but then you realise how the monolith protects itself, and you just become a part of it. that’s why i say without compromising yourself. if you are stealing money from jeff bezos and reseeding it back into cool things that help you and others live, great. if you eventually become the person exploiting poor people to increase your capital gains when you already have more than you need, fuck you.

that’s my initial thoughts.


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but the US aren’t even #1 in immigration rates. and how much of it is opportunistic immigration, not going there because the thought is “this is the best place in the world” but because “it’s a place i can get to and it’s better than where i am.”

edit: i might be wrong about this. i thought it wasn’t the US but i’m finding some places that say it is

edit 2: okay it is the US by quite a large margin 🤷‍♀️ my mistake


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hey, i don’t think i can do pathfinder, sorry! I’ve got like three dnd/pathfinder games in my week already so it’s just too much.

if shadowrun comes up in the future, or something like vampire: the masquerade, i’m down for those. i wouldn’t even mind running one or two sessions of shadowrun just to play it. but yeah, sorry!


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what we could do is all take on pseudonyms


we could invent characters and embody them instead of being ourselves

we could act out the personality traits of those avatars

you might think "oh, is that zoom_zip?"

no, i'm fucking merribald cottonmouth, halfling wizard. you don't know me. i'm an enigma.


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Ok but what if I told you that the giant monsters are a key part of that narrative.

oh yeah absolutely. it is, and it’s great.

but what i mean is, the actual gameplay of climbing on these creatures and killing them is kind of unfun. i think a lot of people are like “oh cool fight big monsters yeah,” and the game isn’t anything more than that for them. i find the climbing/killing sections kind of tedious, but I enjoy the world and the narrative and the meta narrative.