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i never really understand what people mean when they say it, because the way i think it can be interpreted is that “anything goes”. so i’m wary of anyone who would say this.

like the most common usage of this seems to be people defending their reliance on slavery. you point out that nearly all chocolate is engaged in the literal slave trade and someone will blurt out “there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism” as a way to make themselves feel fine about continuing to buy and eat chocolate harvested by forced labour kids.

obviously i hear it a lot as a “preachy vegan” because it’s one of the typocritical responses to any suggestion that the meat industry might be a literal hell of exploitation. “no, it’s fine because you see… we also use slaves for our clothes and coffee. there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism, so it’s okay to keep raping and killing animals.”

what kind of mindset is that?

lastly, i think if you take this to its extreme you’ll find people throwing it around to defend pedophilia. like sex tourists who fly out to whatever country where a family has had their child taken into sex slavery so they can be abused by this white american pedophile. if confronted, i bet the first thing you’d hear out of their mouth is “there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism.”

so yeah. in my head, i just assume anyone who says there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism is a meat eating pedophile slaver.


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as a really young kid it was the land before time and really any don bluth film. all dogs go to heaven, secret of nimh, american tail, etc.

as i got slightly older it was probably something like space jam or jurassic park.

when i was about 12, my dad dumped his old vhs collection on me which was full of “18” rated films and my tastes widened out a lot after that. i watched all of them and i can’t remember what really stood out as my favourite. from that box of tapes i found films that i think are great now, but when i was twelve it was probably just something edgy like mad max.


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i just watched it with my kid and i found it kind of disturbing. there is a subset of animals (foxes, badgers, rabbits) who are all anthropomorphic, can talk, live in houses, etc. but they are fine with chickens being kept in cages, they snap their necks, and roast them up for food. i asked my kid what they thought the implication of that was—that the animals could all talk and lived in houses but they keep killing all the chickens for food and she said it’s fine because the chickens can’t talk. and it’s true they don’t show any chickens talking in the film. they show foxes talking, badgers, rabbits. they show them all sitting down at a table together to eat chickens. they show rats talking, otters, beavers, ferrets, weasels, and moles. but even in this made up world of sentient talking animals who live in houses, the chicken is simply a resource to be caged and consumed.


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i haven’t seen the show or the podcast but in the face of a slew of criticism, have you considered that it might not be the children who are wrong, but you are out of touch?


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the city or town that functions as the seat of government and administrative centre of a country or region.

wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization or available for a purpose such as starting a company or investing.



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i’m extremely offended about how you capitalised the letters in the title like you were writing some kind of newspaper article

it’s disturbing

people who use capital letters are cultists who need the god of grammar to tell them how to write. god is dead. morality isn’t real. capital letters can’t control you anymore.


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a lot of independent tabletop game writers and artists are quitting. there’s a lot of reasons but a lot of it comes back to the gross monopoly held by dungeons and dragons and wizards of the coast, and their consistent terrible decisions.

a lot of the time those decisions are related to sensitivity and understanding of race/culture/whatever. here’s the latest:

wizards of the coast release a new “race” that people can play as in dnd. it’s a race of monkeys. those monkeys are slaves. the only reason you can play as them as because they were “set free” by another race—the beautiful white elves. but the monkeys don’t want to be free; they want to be slaves. so they volunteer to be “servants” for the beautiful white elves.

the art for one of these monkeys is a pose for pose matchup to an old jim crow minstrel playing a banjo.

because a huge portion of dnd players are fuckin gross racists, they start saying “what’s the problem? dnd has always had racial stereotypes” and start pointing to all the other examples of times when dnd was racist as fuck, because that makes it okay.

and because this company has a monopoly on the ttrpg space it both bullies out small indie creators and also draws in a fanbase of absolutely toxic human sludge who have nothing but hatred for all of the indie writers and artists who are not-white, not-male, not-straight (pick as many as you like).

so that’s happening too.


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there is a chess grandmaster called hans niemann who beat the world champion in a tournament game. the world champion then rage quit the tournament and posted a cryptic tweet on twitter about “not being allowed to talk”. chess streamers on twitch then started going wild with accusations of cheating and the critical mass of the internet piled onto hans niemann (who is pretty young btw. he’s like 18 or 19) with all these accusations resulting in him being struck off from an upcoming tournament and having his chess.com account banned. hans is a kid who has also previously talked about feeling suicidal just for losing chess games and here he is being dogpiled into the ground by all his peers and the internet. so after a few days of this he gets on the tournament interviews and just calls out the world champ and all these streamers like “fuck you all, i’ll play chess naked in a box if you want me to, i’ll still beat you”.

so that’s where that’s at, and that’s what’s going on there. some kid being bullied by the internet because the world champ threw a temper tantrum after losing a game.

(also he might have cheated—nobody knows, but it’s still wild drama)