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okay this made me think

i used to really enjoy playlisting but i haven't had the time lately

i haven't even had the time or urge to keep up with new music. the last thing i really listened to and enjoyed was i think the g_d's pee album.

so 4 hours ago when i posted my other comment i went and started listening and digging through all old albums and shit to put a playlist together, just throwing in stuff that i like to create my "ultimate playlist" for right now. if i just wanted to throw on a playlist right now and know that it was full of good stuff, then this is it.

it's organised roughly from least favourite to favourite. but that's not a perfect process.

don't listen to any of it because you'll hate it

causa sui - euporie

65daysofstatic - heat death infinity splitter

four tet - 128 harps

ten years after - i'd love to change the world

onra - i wanna go back

moondog - bird's lament

red sky - moon hooch

omar rodriguez lopez - coma pony

kruder and dorfmeister - deep shit parts 1 and 2

dead meadow - greensky greenlake

pretty lights - easy way out

costanza - silence

thievery corporation - lebanese blonde

tricky - ponderosa

the ponys - harakiri

little people - start shootin

pulp - this is hardcore

blizzard - light club

jeff buckley - eternal life

giraffes? giraffes! - when the catholic girls go camping the >nicotine vampires rule supreme

gil scott heron - the revolution will not be televised

fat jon - diadem

xploding plastix - treat me mean, i need the reputation

xploding plastix - kissed by a kisser

the prodigy - their law

red snapper - off balance

holy fuck - latin america

incubus - agoraphobia

cage the elephant - in one ear

capdown - cousin cleotis

capdown - kained but able

billie holiday - strange fruit

society - 14 hours

kid koala - 3-bit blues

kurt vile - all in a daze work

lorn - the gun

outkast - bombs over baghdad

shigeto - tide pools

dj krush - song 2

dead prez - police state

pile - hot breath

floating points - peroration six

amon tobin - bloodstone

heathered pearls - supra

m|o|o|n - dust

the prodigy - omen

the roots - understand

red snapper - wanga doll

boards of canada - chromakey dreamcoat

cLOUDDEAD - apt.a(1)

aesop rock - 9-5ers anthem

bardo pond - limerick

chet faker - gold

shellac - riding bikes

mos def - mathematics

flobots - handlebars

fugazi - cashout

jackie o motherfucker - nice one

colour haze - love

jon kennedy - tonto rides the gain

amon tobin - theme from battery

amon tobin - vipers follow you

the avalanches - frontier psychiatrist

mobb deep - shook ones pt ii

bonobo - the plug

proem - deep like airline failure

sixfingerz - law of nature

colour revolt - blood in your mouth

pavement - grounded

mos def - umi says

caribou - melody day

bonobo - eyesdown

the black heart procession - release my heart

why? - the hollows

tei shi - bassically

polvo - gemini cusp

childish gambino - me and your mama

childish gambino - terrified

diiv - doused

mogwai - like herod

bjork - violently happy

pavement - embassy row

fela kuti - zombie

xploding plastix - a rogue friend is a wild beast

hendrix - all along the watchtower

tess parks - cocaine cat

nirvana - you know you're right

moth equals - woebegone

radiohead - sit down stand up

slint - goodmorning captain

the school of seven bells - iamundernodisguise

dirty vegas - days go by

brian jonestown massacre - anemone

brian jonestown massacre - open heart surgery / just for today

the black keys - little black submarines

colour haze - aquamaria

alice in chains - man in the box

the prodigy - climbatize

cat power - metal heart

she keeps bees - owl

warpaint - composure

boards of canada - dayvan cowboy

massive attack - safe from harm

nightmares on wax - les nuits

slint - breadcrumb trail

ratm - take the power back

el-p - get your hand off my shoulder, pig

weezer - hash pipe

warpaint - biggy

baby in vain - corny #1

pavement - harness your hopes

the klaxons - atlantis to interzone

nina simone - sinnerman

magnolia electric company - almost was good enough (live)

radiohead - everything in its right place

radiohead - pyramid song

cat power - crossbones style

einaudi - petricor

einaudi - time lapse

g_d's pee at state's end (whole album)

godspeed you black emperor - east hastings

swans - the seer


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“sure, hitler was a bad person, but we shouldn’t erase his art because it is a memory that we can learn from. if you destroy his paintings, that is erasure and that makes you the real nazi.”


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“everyone is entitled to their opinion. i can say whatever i want and you need to respect that. but you aren’t entitled to say you don’t respect it because that is cancel culture.”


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“it’s just how they were raised”

“they grew up thinking they were superior and they didn’t know any better”

“what about the good things they did though”

“yeah okay, maybe they used slaves and that’s bad; but a lot of good came out of it (for us) so swings and roundabouts really”

“oh sure in retrospect we know it was wrong, with our modern schools and the benefit of hindsight”


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thanks, yeah it was alright. i always just say i'll bring my own food to barbecues. i had grilled corn and broad beans and some avocado and vegan sausage with bread.


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apologise profusely for everything you say, accentuate that you aren’t attacking the person but the stance, repeatedly mention that you’re just being the devil’s advocate, use lots of emojis, sandwich the criticism between praise and compliments.

more seriously, do you have an example of what inspired you to ask this? i’m guessing you saw something that caused you to make this post. it would be interesting to see how you thought it was handled badly


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i’m in albion so your mileage may vary

  • raddle all
  • bbc news (centrist tory mouthpiece, read with hatred)
  • guardian (news is okay, opinion pieces are trash)
  • byline times (opinion pieces, not well fact checked)
  • https://unicornriot.ninja/
  • reuters or ap (only check this sometimes)

i only rarely check it but if you want some state bias news: south china morning post


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only a cursory glance but

looks like it runs off SD. you can buy your own separate SD card and install your own OS to basically remove any of their default software installations or any hidden shit they’ve put on the SD card.

you can crack it open and check that the kill switches are physically doing what they claim to do

100% trust it? idk

but it’s already more open than most phones you’d get your hands on


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i don’t want to make you feel bad about what happened. i’m not posting this to be confrontational or say you handled it wrong, because i understand why you didn’t speak up, and i think if i go back a ways i would have been in the same place. but it just reminded me of this article i read recently about how silence is complicity.

so i’m posting this in the interest of discussion because i think that it’s obvious the reasons people don’t speak up are things like:

  1. don’t care and agree with the stance (capitalist scum)
  2. fear of “making a scene”
  3. fear that the hate will be diverted onto yourself and you will also become a target of… [abuse/violence/whatever].
  4. other things

you can say that you aren’t going to shame them into not being shitty, but i’m curious what the stance is where you wouldn’t have stayed silent. if they were being racist? if they were being physically violent? would you (or others) have spoken up then?

if we can say that silence is complicity to bystanders in the realms of violence and racial abuse, do people agree that it applies here?

anyway. i feel like this post is framed as if i am blaming you, and i want to be clear that the bar are the really shitty people in this situation. i’m just interested in raising this for the conversation.