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write your future self letters, then read them when you need to.

“dear piece of shit. i know you have no energy and you don’t want to do anything. i know you want to just lie down and wait until you are tired enough to sleep again. but just get up and go for a walk outside because you know you will feel better after. you know you will have more energy after you do it so just go and do that one thing and then if you really want to you can lie down again after. lots of love, your past self.”


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not really comfortable tbh

when i came here someone suggested i switch to using tor. but i don’t understand how tor works, so am i not potentially increasing my risk? who am i giving my info to now? how is it being protected?

these things are only really explained at a surface level on the website. would i be comfortable to just continue using it without knowing what i am doing and how it works?

seems smart to try and figure it out and get it right


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everyone here has been very helpful and welcoming. coming from reddit it's kind of weird because people there are generally reactionary and assume the worst. there seems to be a default position (on reddit) that anyone you are talking to is an idiot who has no prior knowledge of anything, so comment replies are often written from this position of explaining everything to a stupid person. maybe it's because it's a smaller community here, you actually see people as human beings instead of digital entities to which you need to prove your intelligence.


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whenever you are at someone's house who has an alexa, try this little command:

"alexa, play swans - the seer"

watch the party come to life


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ah this is great stuff!

Basically anything you do at home that is either domestic labor that is unpaid, washing your dishes, patching a roof you'd continue to do. Or things that require effort but are what we would call hobbies, baking great cakes, painting, gardening, reading, making music. Maybe many more people would acquire the skills of nurses or care workers, I doubt anyone would continue running a call centre.

this has given me a bunch of great ideas, just thinking about the manifestation of these ideas in the context of collapsing civilisation.

I think it would be interesting to explore how those who have managed the previous world might fare int he new one.

i think i'd be conscious about creating caricatures, so it doesn't seem like i'm trying to write to some specific message in an analogous way (as if a climate catastrophe story wouldn't be heavy handed enough). i don't know if you've seen the film the mist but it very quickly breaks people down into their jobs--there is the soldier and the artist and the religious zealot and the elderly and the child and then examines this gross utilitarian outlook on how valuable people are based on these qualities about themselves.

i do think that would be a thing to explore in some way though; obviously there would be people that want to fix or rebuild capitalism, or reject a progressive future. that's the first thing people always ask me when i even bring up anarchy; "how are you going to deal with the people that are going to exploit you?"--at the same time I feel like that's just leaning back into the road levels of nihilistic thought.

anyway, my deadline is october, and i won't be able to share anything until maybe the start of next year, once i've run it through all of the various channels it needs to go through. once that's done i could share it.

thanks for these suggestions.


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Reply to comment by ziq in citations by black_fox

citations aren’t about “proving” your argument though. it’s about building on the work of your peers to strengthen it.


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these forms of media rarely have societies existing under total authoritarian power. they usually try and make anarchy look bad by having weak societies exploited by roving raiders. actually, i guess the newest mad max film had a society oppressed by a fascist who controlled the water supply.

i'm not so interested in writing an analogy of capitalism from a different perspective, or some kind of future scenario where capitalism has failed and then immediately begins to be rebuilt again but in a different way; but maybe a more optimistic outlook on mutual societies existing without these structures of oppression. and then finding avenues of conflict to make the story interesting in other ways.