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Hey, I need therapy too, most people do. But especially you.

But whatever, feel free to play the "wah I'm so oppressed" card as usual when you need to deflect away from your shitty behavior.

Anyways, I unblocked you for this thread, but I'll just go back to ignoring you now. Talking to you is the biggest waste of time.


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I don't think he would have lasted long either, but that's not that point. Why is this being decided by clouds harassing him & borderline vandalizing this site for a week? This isn't a one-off, it's a pattern with clouds. If he was an obvious transphobe, why did no one else request a ban for a week? Why is there no real evidence? Why didn't mofongo ban them a week ago? There's no bigotry in his posts, there's just a lot of complaining about language policing & tone. It was a huge thread, everyone read it, no one else seemed to see what clouds did. People weren't outraged by his posts right off the bat, annoyed for sure, but no one else was accusing him of being a TERF.

Clouds (thinks she) sees the slightest hint of something and harasses him all week, repeats over and over that he's a TERF, then puts in a ban request with zero evidence and that's that. Then this thread gets made, everyone here agrees clouds is abusive and manipulative, but somehow that ban is just taken at face value?

Not sure why you're being this way about it.

Is that really not obvious? I've discussed gender on this site plenty of times, and people agree with me. I have all the "correct" opinions; but clouds get it in her head that I'm transphobic and now she just replies to me with the same two sentences over and over again, with things I never even said.

I don't understand why y'all don't see thru her bullshit & manipulative politicking? Or if you do, why you decide to give her a pass? We all have to walk on eggshells and read this shit, why, so this one asshole can avoid going to therapy or something?


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Oh fuck off, no he wouldn't have. Clouds harassed him for days on the thinnest of pretenses. If 9 alts hadn't been calling him a transphobe for a week there's no way that would have stuck.

But whatever, pretend clouds didn't manipulate you if you want, I don't care as long it's stopped now.


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Nice of y'all to let clouds harass one last person off the site before finally stepping in. Very cool of you tequila. I don't understand why you've put up with this shit for so long, but better late than never I guess.

Good riddance asshole.


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"I understood why people do not live on hope—there isn’t any hope. Nor can they survive by means of free will—what free will is there? They live by instinct, a feeling of self-preservation, on the same basis as a tree, a stone, an animal."


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There are multiple examples of me arguing with DarkArmillary about that. I think they are wrong and stubborn, but I haven't seen anything that would warrant a ban for transphobia.

There is also nothing in that thread indicating I agree with Zizek (I don't).


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I think they are very annoying but not saying anything ban worthy.

Of course I may have missed something.

edit: I'd be happy to discuss this with other people if they think I'm wrong, but I'm not getting into it with a dozen alts.