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The government can be shrunken down to managable size. With anarchists in office that shrink military budgets it would be easier for us to control the state, not the other way around. It would take decades of campaigning and reform but I see it as feasible.


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leaving people live with shit body, shit minds, and shit living envrionment

Comrade, you're coming off as either ableist or misanthropist depending on what you mean by this. Our minds and bodies aren't shit, and Earth isn't a shit living environment.


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They claim they're not a pedophile, and have just spoken to a lot of them - including admitted child rapists. And I guess talking to them convinced them to come on raddle to speak in defence of pedos for.... some reason.


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrE7Q39Muzs (Part 2)

I'm watching it on TV and I started half way through, so I'm not sure which part talks about egalitarian societies vs modern inequality. There might be more than 2 parts.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3K7iQIuCBo (Part 5)

EDIT2: I'm watching part 6:

First Class Jared Diamond's Rise of the Third Chimpanzee - Part 6 50 min. 09:10 - 10:00

"Why Do We Destroy Nature?" and "Tackling Inequality"

Jared Diamond looks deep into history for clues to help us overcome today's major threats: environmental destruction and global inequality. He explores how mass extinctions of the past and the collapse of civilizations foreshadowed our role in climate change and mismanagement of natural resources. Examining the dangers of the growing wealth gap, within societies and between nations, he leaves us with an urgent warning that now is the time to pursue solutions, as well as a message of hope.


Looks like they post the latest episodes on their site in the 'videos' section.


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aren't you the guy who went into a thread where a black user was voicing their concerns about anarchists using the word 'spook'... and you responded by calling them a spook, and then you repeatedly yelled it at the black mod who told you to stop... until they banned you? Cry me a river.