ziyal79 wrote

Yes, I do stop eating at night. I employ an intermittent fasting regimen where I stop eating by 7:30 pm and don't resume eating again until 1:30pm. This way I stay fasted for 19 hours and eat for 5 hours.

It helps me avoid binges because I eat low carb as well.

At first, I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but brushing my teeth when I close my window and doing the dishes are good ways to remind myself that I'm not eating any more.

The best way to avoid midnight snacking is to not buy any binge food at all, otherwise I can't help myself.

You'll find over time as fasting becomes a habit, you'll be less hungry during your window and you'll avoid binges. If you still really want to binge, you can do it in your window. That's what I've found, anyway.