ziq_postcivver wrote (edited )

Yes because collapse is the only feasible way to destroy capitalism in the neoliberal era. Otherwise we'll keep inching closer and closer to 'corporate socialism' until eventually the gap between the rich and poor is so high that the rich just exterminate the 99.999% to save 'their' planet.


ziq_postcivver wrote (edited )

You also said socialism only means 'the workers own the means of production', my point is that isn't all socialism is. Socialism can still exist even in a post-worker world. Socialist people can still exist even if they're forced to live in a capitalist state.

Being puritan about it and excluding labour unions, welfare, antiwar, anti-imperialism, queer / womens rights and such from a socialist forum is ridiculous.

Communism doesn't imply a world government at all. It implies a stateless, moneyless world.