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You also said socialism only means 'the workers own the means of production', my point is that isn't all socialism is. Socialism can still exist even in a post-worker world. Socialist people can still exist even if they're forced to live in a capitalist state.

Being puritan about it and excluding labour unions, welfare, antiwar, anti-imperialism, queer / womens rights and such from a socialist forum is ridiculous.

Communism doesn't imply a world government at all. It implies a stateless, moneyless world.


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Well done, humanity. Enjoy your desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, games consoles, handheld games consoles, smart TVs, automated home devices, smart cars, 3d printers, smart watches, google glass, VR goggles, BluRay players, ereaders, Mp3 players, microwave ovens, blenders, food processors and AC units.

Who needs wildlife?


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Was responding to this:

Where have you heard this argument from except from maybe liberals?

I've seen collectivists make the argument and I wanted to debate it. They say that children should be raised in communal institutions by people trained in child psychology, rather than their unqualified parents.