ziq_is_ruining_everything OP wrote

In the future, if you're gonna troll me, at least put some fucking effort into it so it's worth my time.

I'm not trolling you at all.

This 'ziq ruins everything!


ziq had more than one internet account oh noes!!!

You admitted that, and what's serious is you using them for questionable purposes.

ziq is editting all my comments to fix typos!!

That was a joke, on reddit they put "spez: fixed typo" as well for example. Of course, unlike spez, you never edited content on Raddle AFAICT.

I'm leaving raddle forever to find a worthy leader!!!"

I'm not looking for a 'leader', just a Postmill instance by someone being responsible enough to not make questionable moves.


ziq_is_ruining_everything OP wrote

ziq, people doxxed you, I don't want some evil people to do the same if I revealed my actual account. Also while I did criticize you more than once I have been respectful to you, so please take that into account next time you have an impulse to use an insult with me. You made mistakes but you can learn from them I suppose.


ziq_is_ruining_everything wrote (edited )

ziq never learns from his mistakes, always provokes drama, disputes, division, ... this isn't the type of person to lead and unite such a community. And I even found him doing vote manipulation with a bunch of articles when participation on this site went to low. Just look at the fate of /f/megalinks for yourself... I understand now why so many people left especially after ziq finally disclosed his "power grips" (i.e. using alts to provoke controversy). Look at what type of "power grips" he employs:

Watch me get modded on every forum you post on and delete every shitty bigotted liberal comment you make.

Good riddance raddle, Postmill is fantastic software and I'm looking forward to try other postmill instances other than this one. By the way does anyone know such a Postmill based instance? I've seen one but I can't remember its name.

ziq: corrected typo