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Bicycle generators. You want to watch TV? Get cycling. You want to microwave something? Cycle harder. Want to use both devices at once? Get a friend to pedal next to you. Hand cranks could be used instead of bikes for people that don't have usage of their legs.

With human power, every bit of energy comes from you and goes directly into your (conscious) consumption. There's little room for pathological consumption because you're not going to mindlessly buy more devices than your household can power. You'll also cut down on waste by eating every bit of your meal because you will have a) worked up an appetite and b) have done direct manual labor to prepare the meal and will appreciate it more, though not as much as if you had grown all the ingredients yourself.

Also good for your health obviously.

You can even make bikes from bamboo:



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Start with the next generation and then deep space 9. Be warned that both shows start off shit but are excellent by season 3-4. You can always skip the first 2 seasons of each show if you want. There's a great skip guide for DS9 I've posted before.


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The New York Times reviewed a 59-page draft version of the independent investigation the CBS board ordered over the former CBS CEO's alleged misconduct. The report, which will be presented to the board next week, recommends that CBS should deny Moonves his $120 million severance package. The report found that “Moonves received oral sex from at least 4 CBS employees under circumstances that sound transactional and improper to the extent that there was no hint of any relationship, romance, or reciprocity.” Additionally, investigators were told by multiple people that CBS had an employee “who was ‘on call’ to perform oral sex” on Moonves. “A number of employees were aware of this and believed that the woman was protected from discipline or termination as a result of it," according to the report. The investigation also found that a board member, before joining the CBS board, knew about an instance of Moonves allegedly sexually assaulting his doctor. Investigators also interviewed 11 of the 17 women who accused Moonves of sexual misconduct, and found their accounts to be credible. According to The Times, the report found Moonves “engaged in multiple acts of serious nonconsensual sexual misconduct in and outside of the workplace, both before and after he came to CBS in 1995." Investigators spoke to Moonves four times and found him “evasive and untruthful at times and to have deliberately lied about and minimized the extent of his sexual misconduct.”


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The problem with it is it imagines conditions will always be as they are now. They're completely unprepared for what's coming. Maintaining nuclear reactors requires immense expense and expertise. The world of tomorrow will likely have neither, and when they're no longer maintained - and the resources to decommission them no longer exist - everyone in the world will feel the effects of that disaster.