ziq wrote (edited )

Idk but I can't stand walking on eggshells like this any more. For years I couldn't even admit I was an indie anarchist or I'd get attacked and called all kinds of names by soc anarchists. I had to use an alt to be myself. I only started talking about my politics openly without hiding a few months ago.


ziq wrote (edited )

Especially ones that all but call you a monster that wants to 'maximise human suffering' and attack you because you're not in allignment with their particular niche ideology. I'm done putting up with this double standard...

When I talk about anarchy, any collectivist that wants to attack me and accuse me of somehow ruining raddle for not parroting the party line can expect me to respond in kind.


ziq wrote

It was co-opted by liberals that turned it into a non-stop block party. They drove all the anarchists that actually started it out with their bullshit.

Protest doesn't work. As soon as you attract big numbers, the radicals are overwhelmed by libs and the libs run the thing into the ground with their pacifist orderly nonsense.