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Again, I don't hang out in tankie spaces. I made my own space. I run my own servers.

but I see you talking to the tankie posing as me on tankie-hive hexbear, so that's demonstrably not true. You think because you used your own computer to log on, that means you're not there? you're not making any sense

Just look at how many people are defederating from tankie spaces, they're not winning hearts and minds here.

idk, I haven't kept up. they're defederating from lemmy.ml?

I also didn't throw anyone under the bus. I didn't say a single bad thing about raddle ever except that you had closed registrations.

Like I said, the thing that pissed me off was you told me we were replaced because our registrations were closed, thus making us "not viable". While we were dealing with lemmy constantly DDoSing us (and I'm pretty sure dessalines/parentis_shotgun was the one doing it because he was on a tear badmouthing raddle all over reddit while it was happening).

So you announced you're moving to lemmy.ml, while lemmy.ml had both a smear campaign and a sustained DDOS going against us in an attempt to erase us from the reddit-alternative conversation and make tankie lemmy.ml the new de facto standard.

Do you really expect me to be chill about that? I was furious. I see you collaborating with the tankies that were costing me money and constant sleepless nights, so obviously I'm not going to have anything nice to say to you.


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they're worse because they should know better than to do around the clock propaganda for authoritarian homophobic states

most people have no authority-consciousness but marginalized people absolutely do, and yet some of us choose to use that consciousness to push for more authority, convinced stalin 2.0 is going to liberate us. it's obscene


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If you think I consider tankies my comrades, you haven't been paying attention.

yea I don't hang around on tankie platforms like you, you're right

edit: ok I'm in a bad mood because my car just got partially buried in a landslide and i spent all night and day digging it out. shouldn't be so snarky, i take this part back. I know you don't like tankies, but that's besides the point - when you move into their building and open up a wing of their project, you're amplifying their toxic cultish ideology whether you intend to or not. I bet thousands of people have become tankies in the past 3 years due to lemmy and its continued growth

That's not what happened. Nobody lobbied me.

I saw them lobby you with my own eyes on r/piracy. Telling you raddle has closed registrations and pleading with you to switch to lemmy, which you did. While they were DDOSing us. I didn't make up anything, my memory for these things is impeccable. You didn't even bother to talk to me to ask why we had closed registrations, just threw us under the bus.

You're acting extremely entitled here and spreading disinfo because of hurt feelings.

I'm not hurt, I don't give a shit about r/piracy, I just don't like people who do labor for tankies, working to amplify their projects, while claiming to be anti-authoritarians. I fucking hate tankies and their enablers. This isn't hurt feelings, it's pure disgust.

edit: this part I can't take back because it's really how I feel. I have very high standards of fellow anarchists


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No, that's not IP logging. Any server by default logs IPs, so we have a cronjob in place to override that behavior and purge IPs from the system, when on any other site they're stored forever. We also have an .onion for even more anonymity, which almost no other forums do. Imagine using lemmy and accusing raddle of not being secure when lemmy not only stores everything you say forever, but also pushes it to 1000 other servers.

edit: and i'm combative because I'm sick of being smeared by lemmyites


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I mean you're in there happily participating in the circlejerk with people who are spreading all kinds of lies about me, because I dared to paste the definition of fascism and they realized they like fascism.

first time i looked around here a long time ago

7 years ago? Hasn't changed much at all since then.

some of the ip logging this site does is concerning to me, though, from a trans community safety perspective.

What IP logging? Stop spreading smears. We have our server set to automatically purge new account IPs from the system after 7 days, and never log the IPs of whitelisted accounts (which now includes you btw). See what I mean about lemmy people and the lies? Damn.



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If they understood my positions, they very likely wouldn't be tankies. You have to be incredibly obtuse and prone to cult-like obedience to dear leader to be a tankie.

People who dedicate themselves to being subordinate to the party elite will never understand anarchy or wrap their heads around critiques of the fatalistic left/right paradigm.


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Iā€™m not sure there is any other single person in history, except maybe Franco, who is responsible for killing more anarchist than Trotsky. Kronstadt is just the most famous example.

Trotsky was a leader in suppressing the makhnovists and Kronstadt sailors and had 200,000 Ukrainian peasants slaughtered. If Trotsky had gained power he would have been just as authoritarian as Stalin.

In the early days, he'd ride around northwestern Russia in an armored train equipped with a garage for guncars, terrorizing moudjiks and forcefully conscripting them for manual labour tasks which he'd pay for with piles of the party's journal (he had a printing press inthere too) that the moudjiks would use as firestarter mostly. He'd conscript moudjiks into service regardless of if the white armies/defecting bandits had done so beforehand.


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a reddit comment from a deleted account explaining how trots differ from stalinists:

Trots ARE Marxist-Leninists. Trotsky's contributions to ML theory include the concept of the degenerated worker state, or a ML dictatorship of the proletariat which has stopped representing its workers in favour of its bureaucracy ā€“ this is a label he quite rightly applied to the USSR. Another of his big theoretical concepts was the permanent revolution, a concept slightly different from the orthodox Marxist one by the same name. Trotsky's permanent revolution is to do with how a society which has not yet advanced to late stage capitalism requires a slightly different approach, such as in Russia when the bourgeois revolution had not yet occurred. This meant that the proletariat revolution would have to bear the entire momentum of re-shaping society and not just riding in once the bourgeois revolution devolves into capitalist dystopia. He was also a proponent of world revolution, as opposed to Stalin's model of socialism in one country.

Trotsky opposed Stalin because Stalin pulled a power move and edged him out of the leadership of the USSR. But don't let his opposition to Stalin blind you to the fact that Trotsky was always a Marxist-Leninist, and a key figure in the building of the USSR pre-Stalin.

In terms of his links with anarchism, he has none, beyond being the man who was sent to end the Kronstadt rebellion and being the one in Ukraine working to defeat the White Russians, and in the process stabbing the Free Territories straight in the back.


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I want to get away from this way of thinking but I have no idea how to.

You could develop your critical thinking skills. That's the best way to know if the information you're being fed is problematic. And also hang around people who don't have reactionary agendas.


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by 'good' do you just mean they're less ridiculously evil than stalinists?

aren't they only like that because their boy was defeated by stalin so they're kinda underdogs and have to keep their heads down because they're such a minority in marxistdom?

if trotsky had succeeded lenin in ruling the USSR, as was the plan, they'd be just as overtly authoritarian as stalinists for sure