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I think you mean scientific socialist dialectical people's dictatorship red terror. For Lenin is merely an instrument of the proleteriat.


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I wished upon a shooting star for the fairest, bravest, fairest ruler in the land and Joe Biden came forth and gave me scabies.


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As a Vietnamese leftist, I've got to say she's disingenuous to say the least, and outright authotharian's bootlicker at worst.

Luna oi has constantly shown herself to be an unabashed apologist of violent suppression against any dissidents or critics in Vietnam. Recently in a tweet showing the images of  Vietnam's military force entering HCM city to support residents with logistics during the lockdown (whose intention I support, but execution and result is terrible), Luna i chimed in and made an utterly non sequitur and vicious comment about using this force to "punish 3-stripe types" (a slur used in Vietnam initially to refer to those who sympathize with pre-unification South Vietnam regime, but then get weaponized to hurl at anyone questioning the state). https://www.reddit.com/r/tankiejerk/comments/p9z3mc/luna_oi_showed_herself_to_be_a_bloodthirsty_red/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=comments_view_all

As to her ingenuity, she spilled insidious LIES and red herring insults against the independent LGBTQ leftist candidate Luong The Huy, who ran for representative at the national assembly. Specifically, she accused him of being a CIA agent who works for the USAID to destabilize the country by "identity politics" and that he was unpopular among 'the people' because they saw through his farcades.

What actually happens?

In the last election, this is the candidate who brought fresh air into the sterile political climate by BEING THE FIRST TO ACTIVELY COMMUNICATING HIS AGENDA to the voters via social media and local meetings on his own. For those from the US and Europe and other liberal democracies, this doesn't seem much and are often taken for granted. However in Vietnam the situation is very very different. 

Despite whatever Luna said about the Vietnam election, the fact is that people care little about it and often cast their votes randomly because they see it as essentially useless. It's often the case that the party-appointed candidates, who are the majority, are not obliged to even elaborate on their agenda to local voters, which makes it hard for citizens to even vaguely evaluate their performance, let alone holding them to account. 

The information offered on the election sheet about the candidates is written in cursory manner and the content is intentionally obscured, unspecific and tedious, along the lines of "I will fully attend the required meetings. I will fulfill my duty". And yet, people are made to pick 3 out of 5 these indistinguishable candidates as their representatives every four years. Some older voters, in choosing their candidates, even have to resort to the physiognomy of the candidates(?). The results of this circus called election is what Nguyen  Sy Dung, a former deputy chairman of the National Assembly, articulated well: People don't even remember their representative's faces!!! [This is the article by him https://vnexpress.net/ten-dai-bieu-toi-bau-4279053.html]

So entered Luong The Huy, a candidate who designed his own leaflets and videos outlining his programs with the help of sign language interpreters to bring his messages to people with disabilities. The enthusiasm quickly made him popular among the college educated and intellectual. But the self-entrenched bureaucrats are not happy about it. These are the bourgeois bureaucrats with staged communist stance and whose subordinates are mostly careerist members of the "communist youth union" and some faction of the military and the cops. By proxy, they waged a malicious information war on him, spreading fake news and conspiracies about his institution.

These reactionaries make social media posts accusing Huy of being a CIA agent simply for the fact that the institution he worked on had once received funding from the USAID, which has also provided funding for the Ministry of Health and many governmental organisations in our country. They also told lies about him committing tax fraud, which was later refuted completely. These spineless actors also went underbelly when they use their local influence to threaten many students who were under 18 in the district where Huy ran his campaign to share the libelous posts about him. 

These are the reactionary forces of which Luna is a part. They branded themselves as communists but they are willing to suppress any potential towards a more democratic political environment with the vilest scheme at their disposal. In the case of Luna, she successfully cloaks her authoritarian streak under the facade of third world communism and make a lot of money from western leftists delusional enough to think they are supporting a legitimate AES.

Here's Luong The Huy's post outlining his agenda https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158246059912616&id=512837615&sfnsn=mo

This is a post from an independent Marxist  group of young people exposing LIES by spread around by the "HCM communist youth union". https://www.facebook.com/768672636859142/posts/1380733645653035/


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Historically, collectivism is the prelude to statism. As soon as people start to frame their needs as the collective's needs, they begin to justify granting power to a state body to manage everything and defend their collective interests (property, 'rights', jobs, free enterprise, codes of laws, social standing.)