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If a person votes or not, is entirely up to that person and is, imo, not up for judgement. I don't feel comfortable telling anyone else what to do. I may find it laughable, or commendable, but it isn't me... so, not my place.Viewing the current state of affairs as 'uniquely horrendous' misses the mark by a long way. Trying to identify potential "beneficiaries" in the ranks of the poor and oppressed, of either party's policies, is an exercise in futility. Things were not better under Obama, they weren't better under Bush, and they weren't better under Clinton ... ad nauseum.

Pitting oppressed groups against each other in a lottery of "benefits" does not serve the cause of freeing humanity from its chains. Trans rights are not subordinate to PoC rights, nor are they superior. Trans people have not been better served by any administration that has existed to date, and the same is true for PoC or any other oppressed class. There are, of course, many more oppressed groups, and I only include Trans and PoC here for the clarity of the point - one could insert any group of oppressed people. The point is Oppression Olympics only serves the oppressor.

Attempting to quantify the lives in danger under president x or president y is a fine effort, but we know it's also a failed effort, because we know that as long as any person has the power of a ruler, all life is at their whim - Obama murdered Abdulrahman al-Awlaki when Abdul was 16. Trump murdered Abdul's little sister, Nawar when she was 8. I can not rank them by their injustice or any other factor. Obama/Biden is Evil. Trump/Pence is Evil. Full Stop.

The thought that one Murderer may be "better" or, "less evil" is, imo, perhaps more evil, more wrong. I say this because I can not tell Eric Garner's family that his suffering was more acceptable under a less overtly offensive ruler. This is, imo, worse than most anything else - it is tacit acceptance of their suffering, and more than that, making it ok. I will put this in all caps: NO ONE MURDERER IS EVER BETTER THAN ANOTHER. There is no Solidarity in helping Murders come to power - in fact, quite the opposite.Harm reduction as applied to electoralism is only ever a component reduction, but never an across-the-board reduction; that is, it does not actually sum to less harm, only different harm. This can be seen in every "lesser of two evils" vote that has ever been cast. This is not, however, to be conflated with harm-reduction policies that actually reduce harm in targeted ways. Voting Biden is wildly un-targeted if harm-reduction is the motivation.

Sadly, America must suffer more and longer before it will be able to begin thinking about casting off its chains of 100 years of propaganda and grooming, and confront itself. The suffering will happen under Trump OR Biden - but Trump has been an amazing piece of agitprop for the left, and I, for one, prefer the clear understanding of the situation in Portland, to the murky liberal-tainted sadness that was DAPL & Gitmo & NAFTA & ... everything that has led us to this point in time. The wars have come home and I, for one, welcome their arrival.


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no I don't think a geriatric rapist with a lifelong history of segregationist politics and taking pride in putting scores of black ppl in prison for non violent offences and denying queer ppl equality has changed just because some bootlicker on the internet says he's changed when it's election season

he's been directly responsible for destroying countless lives all over the world and upholding white supremacy at every opportunity for the past 40 fucking years and anyone who thinks he should be rewarded for that is a fucking tool

fuck biden and fuck you