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Some individuals in prison have caused great harm to people and to communities. This cannot be minimised. It’s precisely why we are so passionate about the need to create community-based structures to address harm and to mediate conflicts. As survivors of violence, we want safer communities. Importantly, most people who do harm will never be jailed and/or imprisoned. As such, building community-based structures will allow us to focus on the harms that our current systems of policing and punishment ignore, neglect, or are unable to resolve.

I'm not sure how "community based structures" would be able to police and punish even more people than the current system which has astronomical numbers of prisoners in "advanced" societies. Shouldn't less people be branded as criminals rather than more with an egalitarian system?

If means developing practical strategies for taking real, if sometimes small, steps that move us toward making our dreams real, and that lead us all to believe that things really could be different. It means living this vision in our daily lives. Abolition is both a practical organising tool and a long-term goal.

This sounds like lobbying for prison reform rather than abolition. Small steps in this context would mean like better pay for prison laborers and shorter sentences? Idk that making prisons nicer really leads to abolition, more likely it'll do the opposite; provide justification for the prison industrial complex by presenting it with a friendly face. See Obama's brand of polite tyranny for instance.

Policing/prison is a source o sexual assault and not a solution. Because of the high rate of sexual violence in prisons, we are essentially sentencing people to judicial rape when we incarcerate them.

Bottom Line: There are some rapists in prison, more rapists outside of prison. The prison is not a way to stop rape, the prison is the rapist.

This feels weird. It kinda diminishes rape by calling prison the 'real' rapist.

Are the people in prison truly the “dangerous people”?

According to the first sentence of the article, yes: "Some individuals in prison have caused great harm to people and to communities. This cannot be minimised." Seems like a conflicted perspective that would be alleviated if instead it opened by explaining in detail why people do crime, why support networks for marginalized people don't exist, why the system requires mass incarceration to operate and why the state is so completely inept; creating the very problems it would then presume to treat by asserting further authority on people it's already driven to hunger, depression, drugs and desperation.

The contemporary world and the history of humanity are filled with nothing but alternatives to this system

These need to be detailed. Just saying there are alternatives isn't worth much. They need to be outlined and related to modern civilization.

Bottom line: if it can be built, it can be dismantled.

Only if the state is dismantled first. Prison is a feature of statism, not a bug.

Bottom line: We do need to build safety, and we can do that through making sure people have what they need and building connective relationships and communities – not by relying on cops and cages.

This is too vague for anyone on the fence to take seriously. What's a 'connective relationship / community'? It's just empty rhetoric.

There are also a lot of typos if you want me to point those out.


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The London Marxist Society is here handing out flyers and their header is a picture of Mount Rushmore with stone faces of Lenin, Marx, Stalin, and Putin.

When tankies decided Putin and Xi were their new heroes they made it much easier to demonstrate what utter shitlords they are.

Tankies are just the smug fucks who always root for an out of town team because they've decided everyone in their hometown except them is a lowly peasant.


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My librepay linked in my profile is still empty. Time's up.


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I'll do business with you, friend. Pay me and I won't ban you for trolling.