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I want anarchist communists to engage meaningfully with the critiques, and find ways to solve these problems without reflexively and foolishly falling in line with industrialist propaganda. Because, frankly, without this type of nuanced discourse, anarchist communism falls into the same ideological and emotional appeals that lead revolutionaries back to capitalism, fascistic politics, and total ecocide.


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In before some ancom yells at you because fascism has slight differences.

Here, I just copypasta it so they don't have to bother:

Ummm, Marxism Leninism isn't fascist. Fascism refers to a specific corporatist and nationalist authoritarian tendency. The soviet union may have exhibited some symptoms of a fascist state but it certainly didn't tick all the boxes.


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You're doing it too. A couple of photos of a couple of protesters waving that flag doesn't mean all the protestors are waving those flags. Tankies keep pulling those photos out to condemn the HK protestors and it's fucked up. There are a shitload of people protesting with different motivations. Stop pretending they're all yearning for a return to UK rule, it's fucking malicious.

If you keep doing that then I'll just take a photo of me waving an ancom flag while strangling a dog and then I'll tell everyone ancoms are dog stranglers.