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Lenin was shot in an assassination attempt by a member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, and, from his hospital bed, ordered the Cheka to institute "ruthless mass terror" in the population as retaliation. I'm not sure how much more direct he could be than that.

He also directly ordered the massacre of sex workers:


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coinish mirrors:

If someone wants to transcribe it to a wiki, that would be helpful.

The wiki had to be locked because people kept sabotaging it. Can an admin link to this thread (or just the imgur link) in the Reading section?


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It's really hard for us to grasp just how interconnected and fragile our ecosystem is. When the insects are gone, it's already too late. Collapse has already happened and we're only not feeling the effects yet (e.g. starvation) because we're in the eye of the storm for a little longer.


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it doesn't have to be hidden. there can be a wiki that explains exactly what the score is measured by.

and it would be a lot harder to abuse than the current system that only requires upvote bots to manipulate. It would require real conversation to get a high score.