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Here they are defending China's ethnic cleansing of muslims using literal fake news:


Here they are framing any criticism of Chinese imperialism as 'western supremacy' using a fascist meme template:



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banned for whiteness


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They're rly bad at psyop


Comrade I want to learn why I'm not capable of supporting people waving the flag of the imperial oppressors that for so long have caused countless deaths through direct violence, exploitation and economic warfare. This is America's record why should I side with either one and why do some believe one side is so clearly the right one. I do not see it, enlighten me.

Forcing people to accept their bogus terms; that all 2 million protesters are agents of the US.

Please comrade argue with me on the points I'm making , tell me what am I missing. This whole HK episode has me confused.

Classic concern trolling.


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jstpst is using an antiquated version of postmill that still supports custom CSS.

They modified postmill to change the default theme and thus add the [Aa] we used to have on some themes, but because of those modifications, they never update it and so are missing 100 other new features.

I've always felt raddle should run the stock, cutting edge version of postmill.


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I think it's kinda a loaded question because some people are gonna see the question as "are you against owning a house while we live in a capitalist society" and some people are gonna see it as "do you want a stateless, classless, moneyless, utopia where private property is abolished". What we want is irrelevant when we have to live in this world. As long as capitalism exists, 'owning' your house is the best way to avoid being evicted and to not starve when you reach old age.