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Road transport (10.5%)

Air transport (excluding additional warming impacts) (1.7% )

Other transport (2.5%)

Fuel and power for residential buildings (10.2%)

Fuel and power for commercial buildings (6.3%)

Unallocated fuel combustion (3.8%)

Iron and steel production (4%)

Aluminium and non-ferrous metals production (1.2%)

Machinery production (1%)

Pulp, paper and printing (1.1%)

Food and tobacco industries (1.0%)

Chemicals production (4.1%)

Cement production (5.0%)

Other industry (7.0%)

Transmission and distribution losses (2.2%)

Coal mining (1.3%)

Oil and gas production (6.4%)

Deforestation (11.3%)

Reforestation (-0.4%)

Harvest and land management (1.3%)

Agricultural energy use (1.4%)

Agricultural soils (5.2%)

Livestock and manure (5.4%)

Rice cultivation (1.5%)

Other cultivation (1.7%)

Landfill of waste (1.7%)

Wastewater and other waste (1.5%)

(All data from 2005)


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If this wasn't bad enough, here's an even cringier take:


"We need to stop being critical of Stallman's child rape advocacy because I hate Bill Gates"


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A traitor to what? Creepy rapey white men?

Edit: banned for death threats and rape apologia


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