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best platformers: rayman 2, napple tale, sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, MDK2, Legacy of Kain, super magnetic neo

best racers: hydro thunder, crazy taxi 1 + 2, ferrari F355 challenge, test drive le mans, daytona 2001, sega rally, sega gt, rush 2049, wacky races, metropolis street racer, tokyo extreme racer 2 aka tokyo highway challenge 2, toy racer

best fps: fur fighters, half life, quake iii arena, unreal tournament, outrigger

best light gun: house of the dead 2, confidential mission, virtua cop 2, death crimson OX

best sports: tony hawk's pro skater 2, nba 2k1, nfl 2k1, nba showtime, virtua tennis 2

best rpgs: grandia 2, skies of arcadia, elemental gimmick gear, phantasy star online 2, heroes of might & magic III (released in 2020 after someone found a beta), evolution 2, pier solar hd, sakura wars 3, black/matrix AD, rent-a-hero No. 1, record of lodoss war

best shmups: mars matrix, border down, under defeat, triggerheart, cannon spike, gunbird 2, gigawing 1 + 2, ikaruga, zero gunner 2, karous, radirgy, castle of shikigami 2, psyvariar II, neo xyx, fast striker, twinkle star sprites, bangai-o, chaos field

best 3d fighters: soul calibur, project justice, dead or alive 2, power stone 2, tech romancer, fighting vipers 2, ultimate fighting championship

best 2d fighters: marvel vs capcom 2, capcom vs snk 2, street fighter iii third strike, fire pro wrestling d, guilty gear x, mark of the wolves, last blade 2, jojo’s bizarre adventure, Vampire Chronicle

puzzle: Musapey's choco marker (original concept i missed), Mr. driller, sega tetris, chu chu rocket, super puzzle fighter 2x, wetrix, puyo puyo 4, puyo puyo fever, bust-a-move 4, bomberman online, sega swirl, planet ring, worms world party

misc: shenmue, toy commander, alien front online, bomber hehhe , sword of the berserk, incoming, gundam side story: 0079, iron aces, pen pen triIcelon, deep fighter, vigilante 8, wild metal, headhunter, rainbow cotton, charge n blast, starlancer, heavy metal geomatrix, red dog, propeller arena, gunlord, geist force, typing of the dead, seaman

survival horror: resident evil code veronica, blue stinger, carrier, shadow man, alone in the dark, illbleed, dino crisis

music: rez, space channel 5, cool cool toon


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you need the dreamcast keyboard

and those are just the games with original concepts, the list of great games that follow a tried and tested formula is much longer. the shmups and fighters list alone has like 30 great games on it, and there are light gun games, platformers, first person shooters, racers and sports games that were all the best games in their respective genres at the time

in addition to innovating online multiplayer with a headset (outrigger, pso 1/2, ooga booga, bomberman online, alien front online, quake3, chu chu, etc), it also invented the concept that was later adopted by nintendo with the wii u / switch. the dreamcast controller had a removable handheld in the middle of it that you could load mini games onto


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What dreamcast had in the most supply was original wildly creative and fun ideas: chu chu rocket, jet set radio, crazy taxi, typing of the dead, rez, seaman, space channel 5, shenmue, cosmic smash, segagaga, phantasy star online, skies of arcadia, ikaruga, power stone, ooga booga, bangai-o, rent-a-hero, super magnetic neo, toy commander, project justice, frame gride, virtual on, jojos bizzarre adventure, stupid invaders, triggerheart exelica, floigan brothers, fur fighters, chage n blast, propeller arena, cannon spike, heavy metal geomatrix, tech romancer...

All original, groundbreaking and exciting concepts.

Sony just has an endless array of third person action games with new cut scenes and slightly higher res graphics

Gaming died with dreamcast


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I still remember when everyone ignored Dreamcast and its amazing library for a year in favor of waiting for the ps2 and its empty hype that delivered exactly 0 good games more than a year after its release, killing Dreamcast and disbanding all of SEGA's genuis dev teams forever. That's gamers for you. Sony knows what they want and it isn't original games, its a status symbol.


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Thanks, I'll add them in a bit. The main purpose of this wiki is to get through to authority-happy ancoms, so it works best when its their 18th century idols being quoted. Then they see the sfuff from contemporary anarchists and hopefully get pried from their little bubble.


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Wait so your issue with Bookchin is that you see his works as fash jacketing yet you have no problem ignoring what other people have to say or what their personal views are to just broadly paint them all as authoritarians with no nuance?

My issue with Bookchin is that he's an authoritarian entryist who did more damage to anarchy in the 90s and 00s than any single individual. His ideology is hierarchical af as I outlined in my essay about communalism. The fash jacketing of anarchists was just a small part of his entryist project to convert ancoms to Marxist-Bookchinism.

People who read Bookchin and decide his ideas are good are not anarchists because his ideas are not anarchist. They're authoritarian. An involuntary hierarchical crypto-statist social system whose citizens are forbidden from breaking with it is authoritarian. People who adhere to communalism are thus authoritarians.

There is no nuance involved - either you embrace anarchy or you embrace authority. There is no in between. Anarchy isn't a pick and choose proposition. It's all or nothing. But you know that, all entryists know exactly what they're doing when they pretend anarchy is nuanced, debatable, undefined, open to interpretation.

You can read other books without having to obey it like some kind of scripture.

You can read all the books you want and no one said otherwise, stop strawmanning.

You seem to make a lot of rationalist arguments

They're only rationalist if I proclaim them to be rationalist and I don't claim to be a rational person because that would create hierarchy over anyone I'd deem irrational by comparison. I don't fuse the language of authority into my opinions when I spout them because unlike Bookchin, I'm an anarchist.

Communalists don't support the status quo.

Industrialism is the status quo. Civilization and the city are the status quo. Authority and hierarchy are the status quo. Democracy is the status quo. Production and extraction are the status quo. Agriculture is the status quo. Leaders / councils / rulers are the status quo. They support the status quo.

you speak and approach people in an authoritative imposing manner

Me telling you what I think of you is not authoritative. Me calling you an entryist is not authoritative. You trying to water down the meaning of words like authoritative by calling things authoritative that are not in any way authoritative is entryism designed to normalize and excuse actual authority by pretending that it's something else.

as if someone who agrees on 70 percent of what you say is your enemy because they don't agree 100 percent.

You are my enemy because entryism is malicious and manipulative and ultimately sabotages anarchy. Not because you disagree with me.

Now please note that me calling you my enemy and other unkind things does not create authority because authority is not the act of voicing criticism of someone's politics on the internet. Authority is structural and coercive. I'm exerting no authority over you by voicing my objections to your politics in a public forum. Authority is not disagreement, it is not criticism, it is not cutting insults, it is authority.

Individuals are complex and often have overlapping traits.

If any of those traits are willfully authority building, such as entryism, such as greenwashing, then those people are not my friends. I don't need to be friends with people who work to subvert anarchy. If you don't want me to 'impose' my views and biases on you, then stop fucking debating me.

When interacting with people irl not a single one of them are going to think exactly like you.

People who try to tell me anarchy is about building micro states and forcing the majority's will on the minority are going to get called out for their entryism whether they're irl or online. I don't pull punches.

I'm so tired of having to explain my position to someone who clearly isn't willing to listen.

I've listened to your opinion and responded to it point by point, spent literal hours doing so, but keep playing.

DId some communalist stop to call the cops on you spray painting a bridge or something?

Once again, my problem with you is the constant entryism in anarchist spaces, not that you're a communalist. Be a communalist all you want, just don't pretend a communalist can also be an anarchist and don't present yourself as an anarchist to unsuspecting baby ancoms while advocating for authority.

You seem to base your entire ideology off of distinguishing yourself from "the left" instead of actually focusing on the horrors of the capitalist drive for work and the imposing nature of the state.

Some barely-disguised class reductionism you got going there, but you are a Bookchinist so I'm sure it's super rationalist.

If you've actually seen the shit that goes into dehumanizing individuals I'd expect you to be able to approach others from a more understanding nuanced perspective as opposed to just acting like your way is the only way and any slight deviation is whatever buzzword you have.

I should accept your Marxist entryism and Bookchin as my lord and savior because individuals are dehumanized? Pass. I'll stick with my 'buzzwords' or in non-entryist speak: my principles.

It's no different from my interactions with leftcom groups who loved to lob accusations of "idealism" or "counterrevolutionary" to delegitimize and alienate any dissenting views

Calling an anarcho-Marxist an entryist is divisive, sectarian and breaks left-unity. Yes.


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His critique seems to be more focused at elements that retain or promote a reactionary approach to things.

everything that doesn't fall in line with his democratic Marxism is reactionary if the essay didn't make that clear. egoists, nihilists, anticivs, taoists, anyone who isn't a 'social anarchist', which he later expanded to anyone who isn't a bookchinist (communalist)

Would anticivs be considered anti rationalist?

rationalism, much like centrism, humanism and dialectical materialism, is just a handy tool for pseudo intellectual authoritarians and crypto-authoritarians (like bookchinists) to shame people who don't immediately fall in line with the safe status quo they're working hard to uphold

rationality is whatever most benefits the ideological worldview of the person who is dictating to others what is and isn't rational

see: bookchin's disgust for any spirituality, ideology or way of life that conflicts with his own

I don't think he was necessarily calling anticivs the fascists.

repeatedly comparing 'lifestyle' anarchists to fascists, saying they end up embracing fascist and reactionary ideology is fash jacketing 101 and the only reason you won't admit it is because you're taken by his authoritative, scientific-sounding pratterings, while heavily internalizing his spiteful disdain for anarchy and then repeating it at every opportunity because it provides you comfort to see yourself as a logical, reasoned, rational, ecology-minded super-leftist who is oh so superior to the gutter anarchists and their dirty, unkempt, uncivilized, undemocratic, anti-organizational, angry music playing, spray painting, incoherent, inarticulate, lawn-trampling, nihilistic ways

anyone who reads bookchin and comes out of it liking bookchin is a closet authoritarian at best


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i guess appealing to that british guy's shitty faq (which masquerades as being collectively written but is really 100% written by one guy with a piss poor understanding of anarchy) is a step up from appealing to wikipedia like the liberal from yesterday


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The definition of civilization is no different in anticiv theory than it is anywhere.

Civilization Wikipedia: “a society defined as a complex society characterized by the practice of agriculture and settlement in cities ... Compared with less complex structures, members of a civilization are organized into a diverse division of labor and an intricate social hierarchy.”

City "People living more or less permanently in one place in densities high enough to require the routine importation of food and other necessities of life.”

That's it. There's nothing complicated about it.

I don't read a ton of anti civ theory

Just read the Primitivist Primer, anticiv theory isn't dense at all. That one essay is all you need to understand it