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What money? They pledged a big donation on my patreon out of misplaced spite and then cancelled it before it went through.

If people want to donate to help with the costs, they'll do so. I'm not chasing after people to ask for money like LL said I should do with them, I'd sooner kill the site than have to beg.


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I actually have no idea. I was on a plane when it went down. But the site lost its 3 biggest donors by the time the plane landed, going from around 80 EUR a month to 21.


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i don't see the point of a site-wide ban when asterism can just ban the account himself since it's his forum

they're not violating the tos, so it's not an admin issue


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Just so I'm clear, this is an attack on u/leftous's f/mediation experiment, not the latest person who tried and failed to utilize it. I didn't even read their post until just now.

Edit: The ironic thing is it doesn't show any posts for years because everyone who posts there ends up deleting their account.


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But obviously the mediation request always follows a big blow up, it's not the fuse, but it's some of the fuel. It doesn't start the problem, but it does the opposite of solve it.


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Yes ziq its cool for you not to take the brunt of the emotional labor for once. Its your site but mediation isn't your sole responsibility and you have spent lots of time in the past.

I don't even believe in mediation. No one should have to do emotional labor for strangers, least of all someone with my wildly unstable emotions. We have a block button for a reason.

I can't really tell what happened here because half of it has been wiped and what's left is really hard for me to read through right now because I'm exhausted, but as soon as I saw there was a mediation post yesterday, without even clicking it, I knew it would result in massive parts of the site being erased and valued users lost forever. Always does. It forces people into public collective emotional confrontations they're either unprepared for or unequipped for.


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Wtf is this bullshit. I told you twice on two separate occasions that you just had to tell me your costs and I would pay enough that you never had to pay out of pocket for server costs. But you should never tell me.

I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't read those messages.

Then you contrive this problem then use it to insult me.

You're the one who caused the account deletions? I've been hiking non stop for a week, I have no idea what happened, just that it somehow involved a mediation request, which I think history has proven only feeds the collective disharmony.

Ugh, I got better shit to do with my life than hang out with people who don't like how I do things. I'll make it so you won't get to say I fucked you over. You better never fucking utter that shit.

I've never even talked to you off of raddle, I don't know what you're on about. When have I ever said anything about you to anyone?

Now shut the fuck up with the passive aggressive dragging me over your money.

Wasn't passive aggressive, was a clear fuck you to whoever caused the site to lose its biggest funders, not to mention thousands of posts and comment chains that are now gone forever because of yet another interpersonal fight where people took one of 2 sides and both parties will all end up deleting their accounts and cursing the site's name for years at the end of this.

What is this, mass deletion #12 now? Can we just skip ahead to the next group's mass deletion so I don't have to waste months breaking them in?


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wondered why i just lost my biggest patreons.

well done whoever chased them off

the site is no longer making enough to fund itself because of your drama (costs 60-70 EUR a month, patreons now down to 28 EUR)

wishing i had just stayed offline for a while when i got back from my trip yesterday


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What I can't figure out is why they think an anti-electoralism post is instead an anti-consensus argument. A

nd since when was there an argument about consensus vs rep. democracy in the 1800s? Where is this argument? I don't see that word being used until Graeber and his fellow Occupy activists decided they could fix democracy. Even Bookchin didn't advocate for it.


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No authority, no government, not even popular, that is the Revolution. Direct legislation, direct government, simplified government, are ancient lies, which they try in vain to rejuvenate. Direct or indirect, simple or complex, governing the people will always be swindling the people


These quotes are mostly about the failures of electoralism.

Every single time.

And then they proceed to promote electoralism and cast anti-electoralists as tankies/fascists/liberals, naturally.