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I planted some mulberry and fig saplings I started in pots a year ago and picked more grapefruits than I know what to do with.


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I'm off grid with fruit trees and about 6 months of canned food but I imagine the hard part would be preventing unprepared people from taking my solar panels and food.


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because americans are obsessed with competition and productivity. they've been programmed to approach everything like the ceo of a venture capital firm.


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I love tom and jerry

the new movie was decent but nothing compared to the old shorts


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is it really a faction when they come from a different site where all they do is post twitter screenshots of aoc and sanders all day, hyperventilate over China's latest economic policies and talk about how stalin wasn't a pedo because the age of consent was 13 in the ussr?

The problem is they think they have anything in common with raddle ppl


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A lot of disinfo to unpack here.

Raddle was up and running about as soon as the subreddit was banned

Raddle was running for more than 3 years before your subreddit was banned.

had a better UI than this place for another month or two

Your UI is still completely borked 8 months later.

Really primed for success

lol Americans always measuring everything in terms of productivity

The cardinal sin was a mod team (mostly one super active mod) that allowed, encouraged, and actively participated in sectarianism.

Translation: I don't like genocide apologia and say so when I see it.

You also had mods (again, mostly one mod) regularly jumping hard into bitter, wrecker-style fights

Yeah we don't call people who don't share your China fetish 'wreckers' around here, sorry not sorry.

the kind the quickly becomes laden with personal insults

Idk any other kind of insult I can use to call out a bunch of white kids stumping for Xi and calling muslims terrorists who deserve to be in concentration camps.

and that gets carried on from day to day and post to post

I see bootlicking, I say so. If you were bootlicking everyday, that's on you.

an awful enactment of an anti-ableism policy: it apparently extended to words like “dumb” and “moron”

Idk what it is about American kids where you can't go 5 words without denigrating someone's ability. Anyway, this is bullshit because I've never banned anyone for using either of those words. Just for saying people deserve to be in concentration camps.

Unsurprisingly, this hampered growth

If raddlers asking chapos not to be bigots 'hampered growth', then so be it. This isn't a business that needs to constantly grow to survive, and you thinking about everything in terms of productivity and profit just betrays your shit politics. No wonder you think China is worth aspiring to.

bannable language was never really defined

Calling Uighurs terrorists who deserve to be imprisoned for being a threat to Han supremacy. There you go, I just defined it.

initially inferior platform (this place) to grow as big as the raddle community ever did in less than a week.

Congrats on that market dominance fam. Pretty soon you'll have the whole twitter-screenshot market cornered and will be able to initiate a hostile takeover of raddle.

no one here has a sense of humor so the place isn't any fun

Endlessly commenting 'post hog' is only funny the first year or two.


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Smash bros started on Nintendo 64, so it doesn't count.

If the vastly upgraded sequels make the original obsolete, of course it counts.

They're all the same game but with much more stuff added each generation.

Mario Kart 64 is a huge upgrade and the superior version over the original Mario Kart for NES.

Same as above.

Animal Crossing started on Nintendo 64 and was Japan only until it was ported and released worldwide on the Gamecube.

And the Gamecube version is much more accessible, while the Switch version makes all previous versions obsolete.

Just because nobody care enough about saturn games to port/re-release/remaster but a handful of them, doesn't make them a better choice or better games.

They don't get ported because the Saturn's architecture is too complicated, not because they're bad games. Saturn's architecture is the Deleuze of game consoles.