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Ziq, [11/28/23 8:32 AM] This year the COP agenda is to set up a loss and damage fund

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:32 AM] Where the rich nations have to pay the poor nations for the environmental damage they've caused

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:33 AM] Biden's administration has been vocally against it

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:34 AM] The poor countries want USA and the other rich countries to pay 100 billion a year

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:36 AM] America's negotiators have insisted the contributions to the fund be voluntary and the sum be how ever much each country wants to give, with no obligations or timetables

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:37 AM] Both biden and Xi announced they aren't going to the summit because they have more important things to attend to

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:37 AM] Theyre the 2 biggest carbon burners

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:39 AM] If they're not going, after arguing vocally against this year's agenda, they're strongly indicating they won't play ball with the agenda

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:41 AM] Biden said in his statement that he wants to focus on the election and the wars instead

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:41 AM] The big issue in the election is the econony

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:44 AM] And specifically how little disposable income average Americans have in these times of massive inflation

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:45 AM] All the rightwing and centrist pundits are saying he's right to boycott the summit because giving billions to developing nations will lose him the election

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:48 AM] The other party (led by Trump) won't give one cent to the climate fund when it is in power unless Biden signs this agreement while he's still in power and Biden knows this

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:52 AM] By not going along with the agenda unless it's massively watered down to make it voluntary, he's ensuring future US administrations, especially republican ones, won't contribute anything to alleviate climate change costs and that the developing island nations that need the money the most will be underwater in 20 years because he wouldn't commit

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:56 AM] As long as the richest countries won't sign the treaty, successive administrations can avoid any obligations to the climate by playing musical chairs

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:56 AM] for example, the Netherlands just elected a far right climate change denier

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:56 AM] So did New Zealand and Italy

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:57 AM] And as long as there's no formal agreement, all these far right govs can pull out of their nation's commitments every time it's their turn in power

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:58 AM] As the climate gets worse, the far right will be in power more and more due to the economic hardship

Ziq, [11/28/23 8:58 AM] Biden knows all this and is making a very deliberate decision to play to his republican allies while maintaining institutional inaction

Ziq, [11/28/23 9:08 AM] The EU, Japan, Australia, etc will never shoulder the costs of the pact without the USA. So the entire agenda of this year's COP, which is for the richest nations to pay reparations to the poorest for the damage they've done, has been effectively sabotaged by Biden (and xi and all the far right governments that also aren't attending)

Ziq, [11/28/23 9:10 AM] As long as the 2 party system exists, the USA can spend 4 years making promises to groups - in this case the developing nations - and then the next 4 years not delivering on them

Ziq, [11/28/23 9:10 AM] That's the status quo that Democrats and Republicans have always worked in unison to protect

Ziq, [11/28/23 9:11 AM] 2 steps forward, 3 steps back

Ziq, [11/28/23 9:17 AM] COP this year is like a meeting between landlords and tenants to lower rent, but the big landlords won't come to the meeting because they want any rent reductions to be voluntary and not in writing

Ziq, [11/28/23 9:29 AM] Knowing if half the landlords can say no to a rent decrease they can all say no and blame it on the hard-liners.

And this is only scratching the surface of the problems with COP

Ziq, [11/28/23 11:11 AM] a climate action conference led by an oil executive who just announced fossil fuels are the future, hosted by a petrostate that imprisons political dissenters, with the leaked goal of the petrostate hosting the conference being to: sell oil and gas to the attendees.

A climate conference that isn't even being attended by the leaders of the major polluters because they are vocally opposed to paying climate reparations to the global poor, which is the entire purpose of this year's conference.


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When your opinion is that an entire group of people - a marginalized minority who are murdered at the highest rate in the world - are a danger to children, you're perpetuating bigotry, othering, scapegoating, dehumanizing and fearmongering and putting already highly at-risk lives in even more danger. Words that work up hate and violence against a minority group do in fact "infringe on rights" as they deny people the right to exist and create justification for continued violent attacks against the group as well as the denial of the group's civil liberties.


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should really be documenting that google is spamming everyone with genocide ads for when this is over and it starts to be recognized internationally as an official genocide in the coming decades. will be like exposing the companies that aided the nazis


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i'm convinced that site has rotted away all their critical thinking skills

they've become conditioned to parrot the party line and be rewarded for it, no matter how disconnected from reality it becomes. they need that dopamine hit of the collective praising them for owning the anarkiddies with their gulag memes

UwU daddy save me with your big strong tank


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Again, I don't hang out in tankie spaces. I made my own space. I run my own servers.

but I see you talking to the tankie posing as me on tankie-hive hexbear, so that's demonstrably not true. You think because you used your own computer to log on, that means you're not there? you're not making any sense

Just look at how many people are defederating from tankie spaces, they're not winning hearts and minds here.

idk, I haven't kept up. they're defederating from lemmy.ml?

I also didn't throw anyone under the bus. I didn't say a single bad thing about raddle ever except that you had closed registrations.

Like I said, the thing that pissed me off was you told me we were replaced because our registrations were closed, thus making us "not viable". While we were dealing with lemmy constantly DDoSing us (and I'm pretty sure dessalines/parentis_shotgun was the one doing it because he was on a tear badmouthing raddle all over reddit while it was happening).

So you announced you're moving to lemmy.ml, while lemmy.ml had both a smear campaign and a sustained DDOS going against us in an attempt to erase us from the reddit-alternative conversation and make tankie lemmy.ml the new de facto standard.

Do you really expect me to be chill about that? I was furious. I see you collaborating with the tankies that were costing me money and constant sleepless nights, so obviously I'm not going to have anything nice to say to you.


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they're worse because they should know better than to do around the clock propaganda for authoritarian homophobic states

most people have no authority-consciousness but marginalized people absolutely do, and yet some of us choose to use that consciousness to push for more authority, convinced stalin 2.0 is going to liberate us. it's obscene