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They're completely missing the plot. Bookchin would have hated them for being a lifestylist punk. Makes sense they don't even realize Bookchin was a Marxist.


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It's actually a blessing that dbzer0 turned out to be a turncoat and is promoting lemmy instead. How much conversation can people whose whole identity revolves around downloading games generate anyway? It would be endless shitposts asking where to download x file.


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yet another warning isn't going to stop them from being marxists

they're always going to fill your sub with marxist propaganda, even if it's not glaringly obvious like it is when they directly stan for marx

e.g. w/dualpower

the marxist creep will always persist unless anarchists stop putting up with marxists in their spaces

they live to seed authoritarian propaganda in the minds of 'anarkiddies'

and it works. that sub is their biggest funnel to redfashism since chapotraphouse closed


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Julian's take on both indigenous culture and how it is depicted in the film is pretty liberal Lefty

how high on their own farts can someone be to proclaim a movie with a threadbare plot about a girl hunting an alien in the woods is a statement of ideological liberalism?

is it the part where she carves up the french settlers that's "liberal lefty"? because white settlers being depicted as human garbage is "liberal lefty"? or is it just the mere act of giving an indigenous actor the lead role in a major motion picture and having her character win? is that idpol / woke / degenerate / cucked / whatever other word you have on the tip of your tongue but don't use because it would "show your power level"?

fuck you're basic

these desperate hot takes of yours would be a lot more amusing if you'd actually show the math behind them


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will you shut your dull face already

this guilt by association act is the most tedious of all your tired little games

linking to a video isn't a pledge of fealty or an endorsement of everything the person in the video has ever said or even an declaration that i give a shit about the person in the video or that i've even watched the video (i haven't)

you basic twit