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They're more post-Strasserite honestly. It's a new form of red-infused fascism that revolves around Han supremacy. w/leftunity

I haven't been paying attention to that cringefest. She managed to oust Beatnik after his pedoing and seize the server? Lol. Kinda confirms he really is a creeper.


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I've yet to meet one that doesn't lack self awareness.

They don't see their states as failures because they're honestly confused conservatives who fetishize "the East". They see unbridled free-market capitalism, union-busting, police states and neoliberalism as a success sorry.

They see their version of neoliberal capitalism as people being "lifted out of poverty" - exactly the same perspective as any conservative has.

Perfect example:


People who believe in nationalist corporatist police states are fascists. We shouldn't entertain their gaslighting.