ziq wrote

All the energy in the universe flows together as one. Your perception of that one entity as separate and unique and special is a total smokeshow. All entities are one immense interconnected pool of energy that our frightened shellshocked minds can't make sense of because we've become momentarily detached from the pool and lost in this limited dimension.

Out of desperation, our minds project a cartoon-like version of reality where we single out little droplets in the energy pool (people) so we can form an emotional attachment to them... To help us manage the constant yearning we feel to again be conscious of the universal pool of energy and our constant connection to the universe. We can't perceive what we are or why we exist or where our place in the universe is while we're stuck in this limited form.

Your crush is part of the same energy you're part of; all beings are a part of. The blinders that make that particular entity seem more important than the gazillions of others floating around out there desperately trying to regain consciousness are just a series of electromagnetic impulses or some boring science shit like that. Tricking you into thinking you can fill the emptiness by bonding with another being, when you're already bonded with the entire universe and just can't perceive it right now.