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ziq wrote

Is this the spam?

I'm imagining giant galaxy sized quotations around 'spam.'

I don't understand your question. I didn't say anything about spam.


ziq wrote

I was going to reply to everything you said in this thread when I got home but I see you deleted it all.

The only thing I remember now was you complained I banned all your alts before banning DarkArm, so I'll reply to that.

The whole purpose of the tosbreaches forum is to report tos violators, which you did (sorta, you didn't actually link to anything in the OP). But then you started attacking and mass downvoting people that replied to the post with all your alts, making discussion impossible.

Since you were also openly ban evading, I don't think banning your alts was wrong. I left your main account alone.

Dark was banned a few hours after you made the post, for their "female erasure" comment that alex linked to. I don't really know what else could have been done. You reported someone and they were quickly banned.


ziq wrote

I agree with everything Tequila said and want to add my own thoughts.

It's super uncomfortable always being put in the position of having to tell off a friend for abusing the site, but you keep putting us there, to the point where it feels like you're holding the whole site hostage.

Some days the entire site is nothing but you attacking everyone in all the top posts, forcing us to spend ages reading through it all to trim away the off topic stuff. When there are no trolls for you to fight, you start targeting the regulars like lori and celebratedrecluse. The attacks have gotten so indiscriminate that you go off on anyone and everyone at the drop of the hat.

We're always getting complaints and are expected to do something about your behavior, but it's like walking on eggshells trying to talk to you. Every time I reluctantly put on my admin hat to try and sort through the shit, you lash out at me and then delete your accounts minutes later. Then you come back with 5 new accounts and it starts all over again.


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ziq admin wrote (edited )

Normally I would have banned them site-wide for that ban evasion when it happened, but I didn't because I banned the OP of this post for 11 days for using ableist slurs and they immediately evaded the ban with multiple alts. It would be hypocritical of me to ban DarkArmillary for ban evasion when I let (clouds) get away with it.

I've now banned all but one of the alts clouds used in this thread for abusing tosbreaches with alts. I left the one I assume is her main now.

The discussion about banning DarkArmillary can't include ban evasion or it would be a double standard (unless I start banning all of clouds' accounts going forward), so let's keep this post focused on the charge of transphobia.

EDIT: Correction: According to clouds she evaded 4 days later, not immediately.