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least obvious troll


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my point was that if you're going to go thru the trouble of compiling for Mac, why not do Linux as well?

but yeah I get market share. I'm just glad the steam deck is making it so a lot of games are shipping linux native binaries now (altho the fact that it uses the steam logo now instead of the linux logo for linux binaries is kind of annoying but wtv)


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mi pilin pona.

kin, sina toki ike lili. sina wile e "e ni" lon kulupu nimi nanpa tu. sina pali e ni la, ona li ni: "mi wile e ni: sina li pona mute a".


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extra hands attached to my ears cos then I could hold way more stuff (which I think would be more helpful than being able to see some things better)


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natlangs: I don't know much about its grammar or anything but just from aesthetics Arabic is really nice (both when spoken and written). I also like the look of latin.

conlangs: I like toki pona. ona li pona mute tawa mi. sina lukin e mi la, sina sona e ni tan ni: mi pali e f/tokipona.

programming languages (I don't even really consider these "languages" in the same sense as the other ones but you said C++ so sure): I can't really decide on just one since there's so many good programming languages out there but I like Kotlin, Zig, and D.

I'll also add that I fucking hate Java it's so bad I could rant for hours about how much I hate it.


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Any reason behind the name Zip?

my name on most other places is "TheZipCreator", and so "zip" is just a shorter version of that. I made that name when I was 10 (it was meaningless then) and later retconned it to mean zip (file format) creator (as in, someone who creates zip files, not the creator of the format obv lmao).

Favourite bird?

Favourite fish?

tbh I don't know enough of either of these to answer

Favourite land animal?

foxes are cool I think