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Seconding self-hosted. It used to be much more of a pain. But Ive heard great things about solutions like Mail-in-a-box that make it much, much easier.

Obviously self-hosted wont be for everyone, but if you have the skills this is the best, most controlled, and secure (if configures properly) method.


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Americans are unable to admit that these mass shootings are the result Cultural problem, not a legislative one. Even if laws were to be enacted that met the demands of gun critics, it would still not do anything to change the deepy-seeded culture of toxic aggression and alienation that fuels these shootings.

Even now in states with much stricter gun laws, the black market is providing anything illegal. So ultimately if one were determined to aqcuire the weapons, the laws themselves would do little to stop it.

The resulting situation would be that people who are actually trying to follow the law and protect themselves would find it much harder to, while those purchasing from black markets would have little to no problem.